SMS Alerts: Why Schools Require SMS Solutions

SMS alerts and reminders are critical in the modern world, and the vast majority of consumers appreciate receiving these in order to make their lives easier. From reminders for bill payments to medical appointments, hair salon appointments to restaurant bookings; SMS reminders are becoming ever more relied upon for the benefit of both consumer and service provider.

Among the many services we offer at ClickSend are emergency SMS messaging and SMS alerts for schools.

The requirement for effective, instantaneous communication between schools and parents can’t be understated. For secondary schools, this extends to instant messaging between the school and its students, almost all of whom will have their own mobile phone on them at all times.

For one-off communications with a single recipient, a simple phone call or personal email or text message may suffice. For a wider audience, notes can be sent home via hard copy or, better yet, email, and weekly newsletter bulletins (again, best delivered via email) are valuable to disperse a large amount of information.

But what about when time is of the essence? Or when a bulk message must be distributed and delivered, especially with a sense of urgency?

Sending SMS alerts from ClickSend

SMS Alerts

A bulk SMS service to send SMS alerts is the answer for schools, from early childhood centres to secondary and even tertiary institutions. In an emergency of any kind, parents need to be contactable immediately. Instantaneous delivery and receipt of messages from a school is required in urgent situations that may include, but are not limited to:

  • The last-minute cancellation of a school event
  • Last minute change to a school event (time, location)
  • Bomb threat or lockdown
  • Fire Evacuation
  • Infectious disease outbreak
  • Head lice outbreak
  • The school bus is late or a no-show
  • Student unexplained absence
Receiving SMS Alerts from ClickSend

SMS Solutions

Almost everyone now carries a mobile phone that is able to send and receive text messages. SMS/text is the fastest, most reliable, and inexpensive method a school has for delivering a message to parents.

SMS Alerts can be sent instantaneously, and unlike other channels of communication, it is almost 100% guaranteed that the message will be received and opened within just a few minutes. Messages may be sent in bulk or may be customised to a single person or a smaller pool of contacts, for example, a single class, a year group, or a school sporting team. In an emergency, a single SMS alert can be sent to the entire school community of parents and teachers in a matter of just a few seconds.

Open rates for SMS are fast and near perfect for this most trusted of all communication channels. There is no more reliable way to keep in touch with parents.

Contact ClickSend today for SMS solutions, alerts and reminders for your school or other organisation.

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