How many of us rue the never ending array of codes and passwords we need to remember just to function in today’s technologically advanced society? The need for digital security has never been greater, but surely there is a better way?

Enhanced security is not just an issue for the consumer, but also for the business owner. Effective authentication and verification of a customer’s identity at various stages of the interaction are critical for consumer experience and satisfaction, as well as for the image of a brand. Any business that is serious and committed to best practice must ensure that every person registering with them or shopping with them is exactly who they say they are.

Thanks to mobile phone technology and SMS, we can now say goodbye to passwords and memorised codes in many instances, as SMS and mobile phone numbers are instead used for verification of user identity.

How Does SMS Verification Work?

A consumer enters their telephone number into a website form or app, and they are sent a PIN code via either voice message or SMS. The PIN is entered and, provided it is correct, the phone number is allocated by the web service or app to that unique user.

To guarantee the success of this process, business owners need to:

  • Offer clear instructions to the user so that the process is simple for them to follow
  • Use a location-specific PIN that is customised for that client interaction
  • Use a PIN generated in compliance with industry standards so that it is a time-sensitive, one-time PIN that will expire within an appropriate time frame
  • Track and analyse conversion rates by service and region so that customer acquisition and their experience can be maximised.

Why Use Mobile Phones for Verification?

Mobile phones have a reach that extends all over the world. The vast majority of adults in developed countries have a mobile phone and carry it with them at all times; mobile phones operate across networks and nations, and communication is almost instantaneous. Additionally, phone numbers are costly to create and difficult to fake, and virtual numbers are not easily used to create accounts.

User verification has never been more important than it is today, and it should be a fast and simple process for the consumer to follow.

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