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Get to know the new Paperform. One of our favourite integration partners.

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Here at ClickSend, we love the no-code community and know how vital no-code platform development is to that. This is why we’re excited to help announce our integration partner’s recent transformation
Paperform, the flexible form-building solution, has refreshed its brand, marking the largest change to the company’s image since its launch in 2016.
A dark horse of the Australian startup scene, the rebrand coincides with it crossing the $2M ARR threshold during its fifth year in business.

What is Paperform?  

Paperform is where small business owners and entrepreneurs can go for all their needs – they free people up to build their solutions. Take payments, schedule appointments, design customisable surveys and put manual processes on autopilot.

Yeah, they’re a form builder, but they’re more than that. Think of their product like a Lego set: they hand over the tools and let the magic happen. 

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Paperform is how you keep organised, get paid, understand your customers and entertain your audience. 

While most form builders are either pretty or designed for powerful conditional logic, Paperform combines both. Perfect for people looking to transform their business with intelligent forms and reduce busy work. 

The versatility of its functions, the custom HTML and CSS capabilities, and its growing 26+ question fields (including calculations and conditional logic), help you create fully customisable solutions tailored to you. If you can imagine it, you can Paperform it.  

What makes Paperform so special?

Intuitive, free-text editor. 

The powerful editor allows you to build beautiful, branded solutions in an easy no-code manner, eliminating the clunky menus or lagging interfaces. It’s as simple as writing a document – but a lot more fun.

Over 650+ expertly-made templates.

If you need inspiration, Paperform’s templates give you the freedom to create anything from a simple signup form to complex payment forms and bookings. 

Workflow automation through conditional logic. 

Over 3,000 integrations and built-in automation features put previous manual processes on autopilot. Upload files, automate receipt and tax invoices, and even set up a phone call after form submission.

3,000+ app integrations, including Zapier and Make support. 

Sync data to Google Sheets. Share responses to your favourite customer support software. Add tasks to your CRM. It’s as quick and easy as a message between friends.

Advanced customisation and theming.

Tailor backgrounds, change colours, tweak UI and show off your distinctive brand. Make it truly yours. 

Transformed: Paperform’s New Visual Identity

The company has come a long way since its conception at the kitchen table of the husband-and-wife duo, Dean and Diony McPherson. Starting with the dream of transforming the way small businesses do work, Paperform has evolved from a form builder into a digital Swiss Army Knife.

With uses spanning everything from real-estate agencies and legal and accounting firms to photography studios and entrepreneurs helping refugees escape Ukraine, the business is now a multimillion-dollar company with 20+ team members spread across a handful of countries. 

So visually, what’s changed?

Do you still want to take payments? Onboard clients? Attract new customers? Paperform still has all these capabilities and more. So frankly, they’re still the same approachable, dynamic and supportive brand at their core, just a lot prettier

The logo

The kaleidoscopic badge represents the diversity of its digital tools to create an infinite number of beautiful solutions.

The colour palette

Yellow now heroes Paperform’s pages replacing their old blue. They accompanied it with a range of shades like “Midnight”, “Dusk”, and “Cloud”, which better represent the countless creative solutions that their users have created with the product. 


The simple new typeface strikes a balance between digital and warm. The recent whimsical bend in the ‘a’ is a sly nod to Paperform’s transformative abilities.

Where does ClickSend fit in?

Integrate Paperform with ClickSend

When you combine Paperform with ClickSend, you can automatically send text messages, phone calls, letters, faxes and custom postcards. It’s as quick and easy as a message between friends.

  • New Lead Alerts – connect ClickSend with Paperform when someone has signed up for your newsletter. 
  • Calendar Alerts – get an SMS alerting you when someone has scheduled a meeting with Paperform. 
  • Cancelled Events – get an SMS notifying you of a booking, a cancellation, a reservation, a service – anything.
  • Form Completion – get SMS notifications when a form has been successfully completed.
  • Send a postcardtrigger a postcard based on submission using Paperform. 
  • Sell Products – after payment has been taken, send your customers a quick SMS to confirm. 
  • Customer retention – Send bulk promotional offers to the customers who completed the survey.
  • Low Stock Alert – get an SMS alerting you when stock item/s are getting low and need to be reordered.

How to connect Paperform to ClickSend

You’ll need to have a Paperform account. If you don’t, just quickly sign up for their 14-day free trial – no credit card required. 

Send SMS from Paperform

Connect your ClickSend Account

  1. From the form editor, go to After Submission → Integrations & Webhooks.
  2. Under “Direct Integrations”, select “ClickSend”.
  3. Select an action.
  4. Click “Add Account +” to bring up the account connection modal.
  5. Follow the instructions, enter your user name and API key and click “Connect ClickSend”.
  6. If successful, the modal will close, and your account will be connected and automatically selected in action.
  7. Continue setting up the action if desired.

Set up an integration action

Integrating Paperform with ClickSend provides a variety of ways to communicate with your contacts, but let’s cover an everyday use case: sending an SMS.

Send an SMS

The action provides guidance through tooltips on most fields, enabling you to understand the formats and requirements of those fields.

The only required fields are: 

  • To Number: Insert the number you want to send an SMS to.
  • Message Body: Insert the message content you want your SMS to contain.
  • The remaining fields are optional but do pay attention to their tooltips to ensure the delivery goes as expected and intended.     

In closing

Paperform, the slick form builder, has received a refresh in all the right places.

Kayleigh Berry is an SEO marketer at Paperform. Her strong history in psychology, marketing, and creativity, combined with her 100 miles per hour personality, keeps her up to date with all the latest trends in the new and changing digital marketing industry. You’ll find Kayleigh surfing or training her Australian Shepherd puppy outside work.

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