7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs MMS Marketing

Is MMS marketing part of your business strategy?

You’re probably aware of SMS marketing, and you are likely using it now for your business. After all, SMS is the most effective channel for communication with your employees, suppliers, clients, and customers. But what about MMS? How does it differ from SMS – and why should you be investing in it? Learn more about how MMS can help kick your marketing efforts up a notch.

What is MMS Marketing?

MMS Marketing is a way of communicating to customers and leads using multimedia messages sent via MMS. MMS, or “Multimedia Messaging Service”, was built using the same technology as for SMS and enables SMS users to send multimedia content. In most cases, this is in the form of images. It can also be used to send video files, phone contacts, and audio files.

Like SMS, MMS is sent via a mobile network. There is no standard limit for MMS like there is for SMS (i.e. 160 characters) and most carriers will reliably handle at least 300KB per message.

MMS and SMS are affordable and effective:

  1. SMS/MMS have open rates of 98%
  2. SMS/MMS has click-through rates of 10%
  3. More than 18 million SMS/MMS messages are sent worldwide every minute

Unless captivated, the human attention span is just 8 seconds. We generally find it easier to absorb information that is image-based or audio-based over text-based content. This translates to higher receptiveness to video, audio, and pictures – meaning that MMS marketing is the ideal way to better reach and captivate the attention of your target audience. As such, bulk MMS marketing will be an essential part of your overall marketing strategy if you seek the very best results.

7 Benefits of Leveraging MMS

1. No extra software, no new opt-in list. Send MMS like you would send bulk text message marketing. MMS is delivered using your favourite SMS platform; it requires no new opt-in list.

2. Creative content that’s both delivered and consumed instantly. It allows you to send rich content to your audience and there is no need to create an account or download an app to benefit.

3. Huge penetration works on all handsets. MMS works on smartphones as well as feature phones – with predictions that, in time, it will also be deliverable on smart TVs, in vehicles, and even on home phones.

4. Instant analytics, see how your campaign is performing in real-time. This form of bulk communication marketing is as highly deliverable as SMS, with exceptional open rates – so you know your messages are being both received and seen promptly. The messages provide status receipts so you know your message has been delivered.

5. Expand your exposure without expanding your budget. MMS marketing messages are shareable – they can be forwarded by recipients and anyone in their contact list. This is a powerful lead generation tool. Make your content desirable and shareable!

6. Tell a richer story. Unlike SMS, MMS requires no abbreviation as they do not have the same character limits.

7. Incredibly cost-effective. MMS delivers high benefits – only marginally more expensive than SMS and more effective than email or other channels.

Need some more convincing?

A women’s clothing retailer in the USA, Avenue, that specialises in plus-sized fashion did a very intensive MMS campaign sending coupons and other promotional content out via MMS once a week over a sustained period. They reported an ROI of 6,600%.

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