Finally, a 1 Click Integration Platform

Finally, a 1 Click Integration Platform

That’s what our latest integration partner, Integrately says about their platform. They’re an online automation tool like IFTTT, but unlike IFTTT, where you build your automations, Integrately has tons of fully ready automations that you activate with 1 click.

And we’re their latest partner so you can, with 1 click, set up automations and have your favourite business applications send SMS automatically.

How does Integrately work?

We’re a pretty simple bunch here at ClickSend Towers and we love simple things – and Integrately is incredibly simple to use. You just search for the apps you want to create an automation between (there are 100s including all of your favourites) then select an automation from the ones that get listed and turn it on. And that’s it.

And if you can’t find the automation you want from the ones automatically provided you can go ahead and create one, which once again, is incredibly simple.

Here are a few examples of how you can use Integrately.

  • Use spreadsheet to post to all social networks
  • Update meetings in CRM & Google calendar
  • When Deal is won, notify on slack
  • Send reminder if Invoice is not paid in 15 days
  • Update payment information in CRM.

Even Non Techies can Integrate Their Apps,
Automate Processes & Eliminate Manual Tasks.

Because Integrately has zero learning curve & requires zero effort. We do all the hard work for you.

When two beautifully simple products like ClickSend and Integrately collide good things happen. Try Integrately for free for 3 months and let us know what you create to simplify your life.

Integrately announcing yours truly ?

So that’s another direct integration completed and one we’re really excited about as it adds yet another option to our list of automation products.

And on that, visit our Integrations marketplace to see the near 800 business applications ClickSend integrates with either directly or via third party connecting apps.

Get integrated, get automated, and have a bit of fun doing it. ?

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