Email to SMS – How it’s a Business Lifesaver

Are you set up to maximise the benefits of mobile for your business? Do you have the capacity to benefit from email to SMS?

We are spending more and more time using mobile devices. Any website or mode of communication that is not now mobile-optimised is pretty much guaranteed to be left behind in a very competitive marketplace.

We use our mobiles to not only communicate but also to source information, shop, pay bills, take photos, watch videos, set alarms, listen to music, and read books.

Business owners also use mobile for marketing purposes, and sending email via text messaging is an evolution of bulk SMS.

Marketers are spoilt for choice when it comes to mobile. Having the right SMS gateway offering bulk SMS is key to maximising on its profitability. and enabling two-way conversations via mobile is the most effective and affordable way of modern marketing.

What is Email to SMS?

When you engage with a customised email client, you can send SMS from email with the click of a button on your computer. The gateway converts standard emails to text messages for instant delivery and maximum open and response rates. At 98% open rates, this is far higher than for standard email.

How does it work? The gateway is an application programming interface (SMS API) added to your existing software. When you create an email, the gateway converts it into SMS format and then your email messages can be delivered to your chosen recipients in the form of a text message. The gateway service customises to comply with the email platform you’re using.

How is Email via SMS a Lifesaver for your Business?

SMS Lifesaver for Businesses
  • Centralise and manage flexible B2B and B2C communications
  • No software installation required
  • Draft, edit and send SMS directly via email
  • Send to as many (or as few) recipients as you wish to reach a wide demographic
  • Automate for greater efficiency
  • Set up for multiple users across multiple accounts
  • Fast, guaranteed delivery
  • Receive text-based replies via email
  • Receive instant delivery receipts with full reporting
  • Customise your email platform
  • No interruption to your existing platforms
  • Control access to your account settings
  • Save time and money
  • Simplify customer communications
  • Strengthen customer engagement with your brand
  • Have tech support on hand if and when required

How to Set Up Email to Text Message

It could not be more simple to start sending text messages via email. Just follow these three easy steps:

1. Open a ClickSend account and add your email as an Allowed Address. This can be found in the SMS section, within Email SMS.

Manage Allowed Senders Screen in ClickSend Dashboard

2. In your favourite email client, compose your message. For the recipients, enter their email address as {mobile-phone-number}

3. Click send and your message will be sent straight to the mobile handset of your recipients, delivered as an SMS.

Did you know, we can also automatically strip signatures or disclaimers from your emails? Contact us to have our friendly customer support team apply rules to your account to help get the most out of your 160 characters per message.

Harness and maximise the power of mobile marketing through email

Communication is essential to business success and the vast majority of consumers wish to receive messages in the form of text messages from their preferred brands.

Get on Top with ClickSend

ClickSend makes it simple and affordable to send business communications, also offering a premium, Australian-based email to SMS service. This enables you to send email and have it received in the form of a text message.

Our SMS gateway makes running your business easier, and it is compatible with many providers. You can send SMS from Outlook, Gmail, Bigpond, Microsoft Live Mail, AOL, Yahoo, and more.

Contact us today to understand how partnering with us for email to SMS is a potential lifesaver for your business!

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