Email Marketing Tips for Huge Boxing Day Sales


There’s no doubt that retailers focus enormously on the pre-Christmas period for making sales, but there is perhaps no busier period for retail businesses and brands than the Boxing Day Sales that occur between Christmas and early in the New Year. Our modern western society is driven by a consumerist mindset, and the enormous value of email marketing to drive sales for your brand can’t be understated.

Traditionally, Boxing Day in Australia was all about relaxing, eating Christmas Day leftovers, going to the beach or to the cricket, or setting off on holidays with the family. It’s a huge day for blockbuster movie releases, and generally a great day to spend with family and friends to recover from the excesses of Christmas.

Yet Boxing Day and the days immediately following it are now the busiest days for retailers of the entire year, both in Australia as well as in the US and the UK. This is even truer for online retailers.

Even though Christmas is officially over, your Christmas marketing campaign isn’t! Take advantage of the profitability of the Boxing Day sales period. People will have gift cards and cash gifts to spend, as well as a huge number of consumers who “hold out” for the post-Christmas sales to get what they really want.

Tips for Expanding Sales for Boxing Day with Email Marketing

standing out

As you send out marketing emails to your customer database for Boxing Day sales, you need to understand that so too is everyone else. You need your email messages to stand out from the crowd of emails that consumers are being bombarded with at this time of the year. Make your content work hard for you.


Offer significant discounts – by reminding consumers of your presence and by showcasing your merchandise, you’ll be gently reminding them of something they’ve been wanting or needing (and perhaps didn’t get for Christmas).

Show appreciation for your customers’ ongoing support of your business by offering incentives in the form of double rewards points during a specific period or actual dollars off for loyalty club members.

Keep sharing high-value content in your emails – deliver informative, interesting, and engaging content that does more than just aim to sell.

  • Offer free shipping
  • Target your emails using segmentation to provide your email subscribers with content that is relevant to them.
  • Make your email content shareable with social media buttons – especially for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Optimise your emails for mobile.
  • Make your offers time-sensitive – that sense of urgency works on consumers’ “fear of missing out” to drive sales.

From all of us here at ClickSend, we wish you the very best for the Festive Season and the New Year. However you celebrate this special time of the year, stay safe and enjoy!

Merry Christmas and See You in 2019!

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