Calling All Developers - Run Code Faster with Pipedream

Calling All Developers – Run Code Faster with Pipedream

Developers, want to simplify your custom integrations? Dream of a single platform to organise all your API integrations in one place?

Well, want and dream no more as we introduce you to our latest native integration partner Pipedream 🎉🎉 but more on them in a bit…

At ClickSend we love integration:

  • We love seeing non-devs dip their toes into the world of integration and automation.
  • We love seeing devs build cool SMS integrations into their existing tech stack.
  • Aaaand we love making integrations easier and more fun to build for experienced and beginner developers alike. Which is where Pipedream comes in.

Who are Pipedream?

In their own words:

Pipedream is a serverless integration and compute platform that makes it easy to connect apps and develop event-driven workflows.

They’re an integration platform as a service (IPaaS) built by developers for developers and pride themselves on being the fastest way to integrate APIs and run code.

If you can code, you’ll love how you can slot together pieces of code, in order for you to have multiple APIs running seamlessly. And best of all, it saves you time so you can have your workflows up and running in no time.

Using Pipedream, you can connect your favourite ClickSend APIs – whether it’s SMS, MMS, post, email, or voice – to hundreds of other applications. This gives you the flexibility of custom code solutions, with the simplicity of joining apps via an integration platform.

Trigger workflows

Pipedream is like super glue for developers. We provide the tools and infrastructure to automate workflows that scale, with built-in observability, seamless state management and and instant deploys so you can iterate quickly.

Check out their video here for more information.

How Pipedream works

Using your own browser, simply sign up and begin coding.

  • Workflows can be triggered on any HTTP event, email, time delay, or cron scheduler
how pipedream works
  • You can run any NPM packages or node.js code
  • Get access to a full library of events, allowing you to seamlessly connect to other SaaS software (like us) and APIs.
  • Start sending events to your workflow and it will execute on the Pipedream servers.

And if building and querying databases is your jam, they offer a hosted data warehouse service. We hear it can reignite your excitement for SQL!

Check out Pipedream and let us know how you plan to use the new Pipedream-ClickSend integration in the comments below.

clicksend pipedream example

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