8 Reasons Why You Need a Business Texting Service

8 Reasons Why You Need a Business Texting Service

Business texting: are you still using your personal mobile handset?

Here at ClickSend Towers, we hear this question a lot:

Why use a business texting service like ClickSend and pay for each message sent, when I can send free unlimited SMS with my mobile phone plan?

And we’re glad that you asked.

Using SMS for your business is very lucrative. Hundreds of customers come back to us and report that their return on investment is through the roof, thanks to text messaging ?? Our customers just cannot get the same open rate, engagement, and revenue from email alone. SMS is a powerful and cost-effective way to communicate quickly and directly with your customer and subscriber base when you do it right.

The key to your success is partnering with the right service provider – and this will not be your mobile phone plan provider. Here’s why.

Business Texting – Important Stats

In case you weren’t sold on using texting for your business, consider the following stats

  1. 3.8 billion people worldwide own a mobile phone.
  2. Text messaging is the preferred B2C channel by consumers.
  3. Open rates for text messages are 98%.
  4. 60% of recipients read text messages within no more than 5 minutes of receipt.
  5. The click-through rate for text message offers is almost 10% higher than for any other marketing channel (email, social media, etc).
  6. At least 75% of consumers prefer to receive offers through SMS.

The Downside of Business Texting with Your Personal SMS Plan

The Downside of Using Business Texting from Your Personal Phone

Today’s mobile phone plans tend to offer “unlimited” SMS text messaging – where mobile service providers claim that it’s “free” to send as many texts as you wish when you sign up for a mobile contract with them. As such, it may seem tempting to use your mobile phone plan to send your business-client communications.

The reality, however, is that this does not work when it comes to business texting, especially for marketing purposes.


  • A mobile provider sells an unlimited plan at a nominal fee, but you need to send many thousands of messages – and, as such, if messages are truly unlimited, the mobile provider will be operating at a loss.
  • No viable mobile provider will allow themselves to run at a loss. Your “unlimited” text messages will not, in reality, be unlimited as most telecommunications companies will enforce a fair use policy.

For a business that needs to send bulk SMS or has a large volume of text message recipients, an SMS gateway service delivers a far higher return on your investment than a mobile phone plan, not only in terms of convenience but also, ultimately, price per message. The more messages you send, the lower cost per message you pay.

What is an SMS Gateway?

An SMS gateway is a service whereby a computer (or server) can send and receive text messages between telecommunications networks. This may be domestically and/or internationally. The messages are usually routed to the recipient’s mobile phone through a wireless carrier and the SMS gateway facilitates bulk business texting. Many SMS gateways also support media and content conversions from voice and email.

Why Use an SMS Gateway for Business Texting?

Use a business texting service to send and receive customer communications

There are several compelling reasons to sign up with a quality SMS gateway for your business texting.

1. No Handset Limitations

Your mobile handset is not equipped to send bulk messages, and, depending on your specific mobile phone and carrier, it may only support sending to up to 10 or 20 recipients at one time. For this reason, A2P messaging was created; A2P (application-to-person) messaging is designed to cope with high volumes for business messaging. A superior SMS gateway can deliver many hundreds or thousands of messages quickly and reliably.

2. No Mobile Carrier Limitations

It may also be the case that your telecommunications company has a limit to how many messages you can send on any given day. Sending business messages may breach your mobile plan’s “fair use policy”. For example, one of the biggest telcos in Australia, Telstra, includes in their FairPlay policy that ‘excessive’ use is more than 100 SMS per day from your handset.

If you wish to send business SMS through your mobile plan, you need to confirm with your mobile provider that this is allowed. An SMS gateway is designed for business messaging.

3. Ease in Scaling Your Business

Even if your handset and your mobile carrier can cope with the volume of messaging you need to send daily, you may find that you are ill-equipped to handle the communications that can come from a growing business. Investing in an SMS gateway is a great way to future-proof your business, to ensure that you don’t find yourself overwhelmed with SMS customer enquiries.

4. In-Built Privacy and Compliance Features

Unlike your mobile plan, a business texting service is equipped with high-volume sending and privacy compliance features. GDPR and spam compliance are critically important and legislated.

A superior SMS provider like ClickSend automatically handles subscriber opt-outs… and trust us, this is something you do not want to waste your time doing manually! This frees you up to focus on running your core business.

5. Send From Your Business Name or Dedicated Number

When you use business texting and choose an SMS gateway for bulk text messaging, you don’t need to supply your personal mobile number to customers, or even the business phone number. It’s never pleasant to have your personal messages mixed in with your work messages, so using a shared business number for business messages is a good idea for your own sanity. Other options to keep work and personal messaging seperate include sending from your business name or choosing a dedicated number that supports replies.

6. Multi-User Access

As your business grows, you may choose to delegate customer inquiries to a team member or even a customer support team. Using an SMS gateway, you have the option to have multiple staff members monitoring your SMS inbox – without having to share access to your mobile handset!

7. Ability to Automate Messages

Transactional messaging is best automated. From purchase confirmations to shipping advice, delivery updates, appointment reminders, and every other type of transactional message, it is not economically or practical for you to be sending these text messages on a case-by-case basis. If you’re sending transactional messages one-by-one you really won’t be able to scale your communications.

But the good news is that this can all be automated! Business texting services like ClickSend have several options to automate your communications – whether it’s using SMS keywords, an autoresponder, via a no/low-code integration, or through custom build integrations.

8. Support Whenever You Need It

“I fondly remember my last interaction with my telco provider” – said no one ever.

When it comes to stellar customer support, the mobile carriers don’t feature high on the list. Sign up to a designated business texting platform and see the difference. At ClickSend, we’re invested in making sure you get the best out of your transactional and marketing messages. That’s why we offer 24/7 customer support.

Signing up with ClickSend delivers a wide array of additional benefits – including access to our outstanding universal platform, free 24/7 support, and a cost-effective solution for all of your business communications.

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