SMS is one of the most effective methods, if not the most, of reaching customers with marketing messages. And sending bulk SMS marketing messages to your database of opt-in leads/customers is the most efficient way to do this.

SMS messages get opened (98% open rate), get read (90% read within the first 3 minutes) and are one of the cheapest methods of marketing communications (cheaper than social advertising and cheaper than email marketing when looking at open rates).

What is bulk SMS marketing?

Bulk SMS Marketing is when businesses send permission-based (opt-in) promotional messages by text to a database at scale. What do we mean by SMS Marketing? SMS Marketing is when businesses spread permission-based (Opt-in) promotional messages by text. Most SMS Marketing is done through an online dashboard via an SMS gateway in the form of bulk SMS.

Examples of an SMS Marketing message are:

  • a restaurant promoting 50% off main meals on a specific night,
  • a fashion store inviting you to a VIP night,
  • or a gym lets you know a new class is available.

Bulk Marketing SMS Example

All SMS Marketing messages must have an opt-out function at the end of the message. Generally in the form of ‘Reply STOP’. In contrast, messages that are transactional in nature may include:

  • a restaurant confirming your table booking,
  • your gym alerting you that a class time has changed,
  • or your service provider reminding you of approaching bill payment.

Transactional SMS Example

These messages are not marketing SMS and are called ‘transactional SMS’. They generally (depending on local laws) do not require an opt-out function.

Marketing communications via SMS is a tried and tested method of communicating with customers. Most SMS Marketing is done via an online dashboard in the form of bulk SMS. Using online SMS gateway software you are easily able to craft the message you wish to share with your customers and deliver it to them in a way you know they’ll see!

With bulk SMS marketing you will be able to:

Tell a story

With 1124-character limits, you can craft the perfect (short) story to get your message across and drive that desired action.

Make it personal

Personalise your messages by inserting customer information via placeholders from [first name] [last name] to whatever [custom1] fields you wish to create. Make your message feel super relevant to your customer, even when sending in bulk, and achieve better results.

Make it a conversation

You have access to any replies to your bulk SMS marketing communication. You won’t have to settle for one-way marketing, as you’ll be able to deliver, receive and respond accordingly – and in real-time.

How do I get started with Bulk SMS marketing?

Once you’ve chosen your preferred SMS Gateway service (which will obviously be ClickSend) the process should be as easy as:

Uploading your contact list

Simply upload your contact list into your preferred SMS gateway, either drag your list into the system or upload it the standard way.

Going to the SMS creation area on your dashboard

Go to the sending SMS tab on your online dashboard. A good SMS gateway will allow quick SMS or SMS campaigns.

Creating your message

Create your message using placeholders to personalise it, emojis to add some colour and life, a short URL if required and of course an opt-out option.

Clicking send then tracking and measuring

A good SMS gateway provider will use Tier 1 direct routes so your messages will get delivered on time, every time. You should also have access to reporting and analytics so you can track and measure campaign performance and effectiveness.

Sending bulk SMS messages online to mobile devices allows you to reach specific consumers that traditional marketing communication simply can’t.


Get in contact with ClickSend today to find out how easy it is to send bulk SMS marketing campaigns! We’d love to assist you to get the most effective marketing campaign for your business launched. Let us get you started – sign up or start a live chat with us today.