Email Marketing: How Does SMS Support?

We’ve looked at ClickSend’s email SMS service and how to send SMS from Outlook in previous blog entries. Today, we’re taking a closer look at how SMS can support your email marketing campaigns. Contact us at ClickSend today for all of your SMS and email marketing needs, or to discover how our email SMS service can expand your business’s reach and results.

SMS and the Law in Australia

Your business has many great reasons to embrace SMS marketing in Australia, for everything from sending bulk SMS to sending SMS alerts, and you can even send SMS from Outlook. But it’s imperative that you understand how Australian Law applies to SMS.

Email to SMS – A Quick Overview

Here at ClickSend, we offer a premium email to SMS service which enables you to transform your email to text quickly and easily. Our gateway is compatible with numerous platforms including but not limited to Outlook, Yahoo, and Gmail. With ClickSend’s email to SMS gateway, you and your business benefit enormously, and by converting your emails to SMS, you ensure they are being delivered, opened and seen by a majority of intended recipients.

SMS Marketing: Expo Promotion with Bulk SMS

SMS is a fantastic tool for promotion of expo events – it is intelligent, interactive, and it actively encourages audience engagement, revenue-building, and lead generation. From the cost-effective promotion of your expo to the right audiences, bulk SMS is also useful for making your expo more interactive and to maintain interest and engagement as the event unfolds.

SMS Alerts: Why Schools Require SMS Solutions

SMS alerts are critical in the modern world, and the vast majority of consumers appreciate receiving these in order to make their lives easier. From reminders for bill payments to medical appointments, hair salon appointments to restaurant bookings; SMS solutions are becoming ever more relied upon for the benefit of both consumer and service provider.

The Value of Custom Postcards for your Business

While “snail mail” may seem outdated in the era of email, there are numerous advantages to using direct mail business postcards, for example, real estate postcards. These advantages include readability, lead generation, and reaching an audience that might not be reachable via email and other digital marketing avenues.

What is email to SMS?

A very effective service we offer here at ClickSend is a premium email to SMS gateway. With so much email spam today, many email messages are lost in the inbox clutter, sent directly to the spam folder, or simply ignored and deleted by the recipient. SMS experiences near perfect open rates.