Fax and the NBN – Are You Prepared?

By migrating your fax online promptly, you will avoid any possible disruption to your business communications. With ClickSend’s Fax Gateway, you can send and receive fax messages online from any computer or device that is web-enabled. You can also seamlessly integrate and send email fax.

Email Marketing Personalisation: Relevant Statistics

Personalisation of emails is a very effective way to show your subscribers that you see them and appreciate them for who they are. Personalised emails work for your business’s bottom line too – they captivate and engage your subscribers to elicit loyalty and buying behaviour. If you need some further proof we list some great statistics as to why.

SMS 101: What is an SMS Auto-Responder?

You may have heard the term “SMS auto-responder” – but what is it? And how can it benefit your business or other organisation? An SMS auto-responder allows bulk SMS recipients to respond to messages using pre-set options.