Get your apps in sync with ClickSend and PieSync

Integrating with complementary software is a huge part of what we do at ClickSend because it’s of huge benefit to our customers. We integrate with thousands of other software solutions, often via third-party platforms, but we’re at our happiest when it’s a direct integration. We’ve just completed another one with PieSync and it’s very exciting!

Companies with 1-10 employees use an average of 26 apps, while 251-1000 employees use an average of 124, and while most of these apps can talk to each other and work together most will not do this at a customer/contact/company data level. Therefore, keeping your valuable customer data consistent across them is a huge challenge, but one PieSync overcomes.

PieSync’s real-time, two-way sync keeps all of your contact list customer data up-to-date between ClickSend and whatever software applications you, use be it CRM, marketing automation, project management, accounting & bookkeeping, e-commerce, customer support, etc.

Therefore, when a contact is updated in ClickSend, the change is instantly updated in your connected applications, and vice versa. This guarantees your contact list data is always up-to-date regardless of who entered the data or from which application.

So What Is PieSync?

Well, this what they say:

“PieSync specializes in syncing customer data two-ways and in real-time. This means that whenever you update your data in one app, we also update it in your other connected apps, keeping in mind historical data to prevent duplicates.”

Essentially it’s an application, or an Integration Platform as a Service (IPAAS), that gets your applications talking to each other, like Zapier, but unlike Zapier it lets you control the way your customer data flows between your applications.

Once you’ve integrated your applications with PieSync, it works in the background to sync contacts in real-time to provide consistency of data and it can do it across over 200 business apps.

How do I get started with PieSync?

You will need to create a PieSync account first. This video below takes you through the whole process, or if you’re more of a reader than a watcher they provide a great getting started guide.

Once you’ve selected ClickSend and chosen the other app you wish to connect with you go through a simple autorisation process and select the data type you want to sync – contacts or companies. For ClickSend this will largely be contacts.

During the initial sync you can match both existing and historical data between both apps. You can also control how you merge your duplicate contacts. PieSync will automatically map most of your contact list fields for you; first name, last name, email, mobile number etc. You can also manually map to any custom fields you’ve created.

Once you’ve configured the way you want the data to flow between your connected apps it’s time to sit back and let PieSync work away in the background automatically syncing data sets between the apps.

Want to see what apps you can connect ClickSend with right now? Just search for your favourite business app in the ‘Search for your app’ field below, choose it, and then start syncing!

What can I do with PieSync?

What can’t you do really….. They have over 200 apps, with a new one being added every week, that you can connect with and get the benefit of real-time, two-way syncing.

You can discover all their supported apps in this link

You can use all the normal features and functionality of ClickSend with your synced app via PieSync, but now you’ll have data consistency between those apps.

  • Send SMS from Piesync
  • Receive SMS with Piesync
  • Send MMS from Piesync
  • Send text-to-speech voice calls with Piesync
  • Send letters from Piesync
  • Send custom postcards from Piesync
  • Send fax from Piesync

Here are just some integration scenarios using ClickSend SMS and other business apps via PieSync.

Typeform – ClickSend

Send an SMS when a website form is filled in and certain conditions are met.

Salesforce – ClickSend

Send an SMS to your customer when she meets some conditions, for example, when a new contact is added to a certain CRM segment or a deal is won.

Shopify – ClickSend

Send an SMS to your customer when a new order is created.

Eventbrite – ClickSend

Send SMS notifications to your registrants and attendees before, during and after events

These are just SMS based scenarios you can also automatically trigger letters, postcards, emails and more with the ClickSend platform.  And now you can do it properly synced up with over 200 of your favourite business apps.

We are very excited about this integration and what it offers to our customers, which is something they’ve never had previously in an IPAAS, the syncing of customer data two-ways and in real-time.

Visit our dedicated page at PieSync:

Or jump into a free trial and start syncing:

More to follow on this amazing platform, but otherwise…

Welcome aboard, PieSync!

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