Marketing Communications In The Time Of Corona

With the spread of the novel Coronavirus and the subsequent change to how people live and work, marketers must be mindful of how their marketing communications and business messaging needs to adapt. No matter which medium you use to send your messages, be it SMS, email, social, paid search or above the line advertising, it is important to be aware of how your audience may be affected by this global pandemic. Here are our top tips for how your communications need to be adapted for the current state of the world.

Offering Value Over Extracting Revenue

Focus more on reaching a bigger audience than extracting revenue. In times of uncertainty, avoid pushing the hard sell and focus on growing your audience. The combination of uncertainty with added spare time leads to potential customers having greater time to digest and process information.

What to do and not to do

Think about why you are sending a message – do you have something useful to tell your customers? In fact, now is a great time to be pushing out useful content on your blog – if you can help people solve the problems they’re facing or add value to their lives, they are far more likely to trust your brand.

Not only does new content help to build your brand’s profile as a market leader or expert, but it’s also great for SEO. Not only does additional content help to get a new set of keywords to rank, but fresh content has also always been a signal to Google that a site is doing the right thing. So shift your energy to being helpful and value-first in your marketing communications.

Nail Your Messaging and Tone

In times of difficulty, it’s important that your brand voice is sincere and conveys empathy. Try to keep the balance between caring and coming off as condescending, here are a few things to avoid:

  • Avoid being too scarcity-driven, you will tank your brand’s goodwill if you are perceived to be profiting from the virus.
  • Avoid phrases like ‘going viral’ to mean getting huge reach, or naming sales as ‘fever’ or ‘madness’.
  • Avoid forcing humour and attempts at being too light-hearted; the best case you won’t be taken seriously.

Given social media does tend to be a more light-hearted way to get your message out, it may pay to dial back on humour, without suddenly changing your brand tone to a textbook.

Visuals Audit

Your marketing communications isn’t just about copy. Systematically check through your online assets for scenes and imagery that may seems disconnected with the current state of the world. For example, imagery or video content of crowds can seem incoherent when many people are self-isolating, in quarantine or practicing social distancing. Create new imagery for any images online or even physical marketing collateral to ensure it fits in this new way of living. You can appeal to your audience’s subconscious by creating visuals that mirror their reality.

Marketing visuals while social distancing
Swap out imagery of groups and business attire.

Also be conscious that with more people working from home, and many that do not have that luxury are providing essential services to the community, so typical imagery of people in corporate environments, wearing formal attire, may be jarring to your audience.

Agility and Availability Matters

Those who are able to pivot their marketing and address the new needs and concerns of their audience will be the ones who emerge successful in such times. Use the above tips as a guide, but as always, be prepared to change angles or strategies as times change.

Be available to your customers to field enquiries, through your preferred channels. Even better, allow your clients to schedule time to discuss their concerns through integration with a scheduling tool like Appointlet.

For more information on communicating with customers, should you like to use SMS or another medium, chat with us using our live 24/7 chat service. Simply click the face in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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