SMS 101: What is an SMS Auto-Responder?

You may have heard the term SMS Auto-Responder – but what is it? And how can it benefit your business or other organisation?

Businesses are using SMS messaging more and more, and benefiting significantly from advances in technology that include sending SMS from email. SMS is simple to use and has unparalleled delivery and response rates. There is currently no more affordable or effective channel for communications than SMS. Organisations in every industry can benefit from using SMS to send coupons, alerts, reminders, and other SMS marketing material.

Thanks to a bulk SMS service, it’s easy to get a single message out to a vast number of recipients. But how can those recipients individually respond to your bulk-sent SMS messages? Two-way communication is crucial for modern business, and this is where an SMS auto-responder comes in.

SMS Auto-Responder Explained

sms auto-responser using keywords

An SMS auto-responder allows bulk SMS recipients to respond to messages using pre-set options or keywords as we call them. For example, an appointment reminder sent using an auto-responder may ask for a response using a “YES” or “NO” to confirm or deny and instruct the recipient to call to change the appointment. The response will trigger a pre-set message. This all takes place automatically.

SMS solutions for auto-responders may feature:

  • Keywords
  • Shortcodes
  • Message scheduling
  • Management of contacts
  • Capability for multiple channels including social media, email to SMS, email to voice, or other platforms.

Benefits of Using an SMS Auto-Responder

  • Welcome new customers
  • Reassure clients
  • Personalisation
  • Makes opt-out simple
  • Efficient
  • Drive loyalty
  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Reliable

SMS Auto-Responder for List Building and Marketing

SMS Auto-Responder for offline marketing

Auto-response SMS can also be used for pure marketing and list building. So, instead of automations to transactional messages you're sending an automated message once you've received a keyword as a response to an offline marketing message. Like the example above, the sign company has purchased a dedicated number and set up an automated message detailing the offer that is sent once the keyword/s Sign Me Up is received.

This has the benefit of not only seeing how effective your offline promotion is doing, but also building an opt-in list for further marketing and nurturing.

real estate industry sms auto-responders
The Real Estate Industry are huge users of auto-responder SMS via keywords

With ClickSend, you can quickly and simply set up an SMS auto-responder. You simply purchase a dedicated number, setup the auto-responder, and you’re all set! We are here to help you through every step of the process, no matter what the nature of your organisation and wherever you are worldwide.

Visit our website today or contact us to learn more about what we offer and how partnering with us can dramatically benefit your business or other organisation for more efficient and effective communications.

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