Email to SMS – A Quick Overview

As a business, it’s a top priority to reach your target audience in a way that is efficient, effective, and fast. The most effective channel, by far, is SMS – with delivery and open rates exceeding 98%, there is no more affordable or effective channel for connecting with consumers. With an email to SMS option, you can further maximise the exposure of your target audience to your communications.

There are some great reasons for your business to adopt email to SMS today.

Email versus SMS


  • Email has a 22% open rate
  • And on average opens take 90 minutes
  • Longer content
  • Messages are often saved for future reference
  • Email is easiest to use on desktop applications and websites
  • Include attachments
  • Advanced authentication and infrastructure can complicate delivery


  • SMS has a 98% open rate
  • And on average 90% open within 3 minutes
  • Concise content
  • Informative yet disposable
  • Sense of urgency
  • Deliverable without an internet connection
  • Higher deliverability

Email to SMS:

  • Instantaneous delivery
  • 2-way conversation enabled
  • Universal deliverability
  • Trackable message engagement

Why Use an Email to SMS Service?

  • Optimise Delivery and Open Rates: while, as mentioned above, 98%of text messages are opened by recipients, just 22% of emails are opened.
  • Reduce Spam: according to the Mobile Marketing Association of Australia, 90% of emails delivered are spam, whereas just 1% of SMS messages represent spam. Additionally, non-spam emails are often marked as such and are automatically sent to the Spam or Junk folder, and as a result, important messages can be missed. By adopting SMS, your messages are more deliverable and to the right place.
  • Email and SMS cost around the same amount to be sent, however with the dramatically higher open rates, SMS represents a far greater return on investment than does email.

SMS is the most widely used data service worldwide. The majority of people in the developed world have mobile phones and use these to send and receive text messages. In fact, more people use SMS than the combined number for email and social media messaging.

Here at ClickSend, we offer a premium email to SMS service which enables you to transform your email to text quickly and easily. Our gateway is compatible with numerous platforms including but not limited to Outlook, Yahoo, and Gmail. With ClickSend’s email to SMS gateway, you and your business benefit enormously, and by converting your emails to SMS, you ensure they are being delivered, opened and seen by a majority of intended recipients.

Contact us at ClickSend today for more information and to get the ball rolling on the best email to text service for your business.

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