Email Marketing: How Does SMS Support?

We’ve looked at ClickSend’s email SMS service and how to send SMS from Outlook in previous blog entries. Today, we’re taking a closer look at how SMS can support your email marketing campaigns.

SMS marketing is a cost-effective, efficient way to reach consumers quickly and reliably. For this reason, SMS has become the most popular and fastest-growing marketing channel for many businesses. SMS has other benefits as well, and it can be a great tool to support your email marketing efforts. When used collaboratively, SMS and email can combine to build and engage your consumer base.

How SMS Supports Email Marketing

Acquire Emails

SMS shortcodes

Acquire Emails – most business owners are aware of how web forms can be used to capture details of new subscribers. But SMS can also be invaluable for this, in the form of using virtual numbers. What is a virtual number? It is simply a mobile phone number that is connected to your online database. When a message is sent to your virtual number, it is captured in the database. Using a virtual number for offline email acquisition is easy: just request that users send their email address to your virtual number via SMS. This will result in their instant subscription and will build your email database.

Update Email Details

Update email details

Update Email Details – has a customer’s email bounced? Don’t delete them from your database straight away! If you can contact them via SMS, you can alert them that you’ve attempted to email them and request their current email address details. If they are interested in remaining subscribed to your business, they can reply with their email address.

Engage Subscribers through integrated campaigns

Integrated email and sms campaigns

Engage Subscribers – integrated campaigns featuring email and SMS can be a very powerful way to engage your target audience.

Using both email and SMS together in an integrated campaign creates a unified marketing message that will deliver numerous benefits. Not only will it increase revenue, but brand loyalty and save you money whilst increasing your competitive edge.

Many of your emails will go unread, but the same can’t be said for your SMS messages, with average SMS open rates of 98% across the board. A well-composed and timed SMS can drive subscribers back to their email inbox to take the action that you as a business seeks.

Contact us at ClickSend today for all of your SMS and email marketing needs, or to discover how our email SMS service can expand your business’s reach and results. We look forward to hearing from you!

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