What is email to SMS?

One of the very effective services we offer here at ClickSend is a premium email to SMS service. What is email to SMS? And how can your business benefit from it?

With so much email spam out there today, many email messages, particularly from business senders, are lost in the inbox clutter, sent directly to the spam folder, or simply ignored and deleted by the recipient. SMS, on the other hand, experiences very high, near perfect open rates with instant delivery and is very quickly seen by recipients.

What is an Email to SMS Service?

An Email to SMS service is generally a feature of an SMS Gateway that enables you to convert standard email messages to SMS messages. From any email client you can send SMS directly to customers and staff quickly and simply from your email address and have SMS replies go back to your inbox. You will find you will achieve much higher open rates. It is efficient, reliable, and easy.

email to cloud to sms

There are numerous benefits of using an email to SMS service, including but not limited to:

  • Send SMS from any email client with any email address, as long as it’s registered as an allowed address with the SMS Gateway you’re all good.
  • Email multiple SMS recipients directly from your email.
  • Receive SMS replies to your messages as emails directly to your inbox.
  • Strip email signatures if so desired.
  • Manage recipients easily.
  • Send bulk messages instantly.
  • Maximise open rates (open rates for SMS are in excess of 98%).
  • Requires no new software installation.
  • Cost effective.
  • Convenient.

The ClickSend Email to SMS Service

ClickSend’s SMS gateway and SMS API (application programming interface) has complete email to sms functionality. The software even provides a Microsoft Outlook plugin that once installed allows you to use mobile numbers instead of SMS email addresses.

Once your email reaches the ClickSend SMS Gateway it is instantly converted to SMS and immediately sent to your recipient/s. This all happens in seconds.

ClickSend’s email to SMS service is compatible with an array of email platforms and providers, including Gmail, Outlook, Windows Live, Yahoo, Microsoft Mail, Bigpond, and numerous others. It works across an array of email-capable devices.

It’s so quick and easy to starting sending email to SMS. Just sign up to a free ClickSend account, go to Email SMS and register your email address as an ‘Allowed Address’. You can register and manage as many as you want. You then just send an email to mobile-number@sms.clicksend.com. You can elect to have replies to your email sent to you via email inbox or SMS. This benefits your business or other organisation enormously by ensuring your emails are being delivered, seen, and opened.

email to sms process with clicksend

With our email to SMS service, you maximise the visibility of your emails in a convenient and unobtrusive way. Learn more HERE or contact us today.