The Value of Custom Postcards for your Business

While “snail mail” may seem outdated in the era of email, there are numerous advantages to using direct mail business postcards, for example, real estate postcards. These advantages include readability, lead generation, and reaching an audience that might not be reachable via email and other digital marketing avenues. They’re also a legitimate tactic within an omnichannel marketing strategy.

Business postcards are customised and are intended to inform recipients about your business and direct them on where and how to access more information. They are also a perfect follow up tactic whether it be ‘Thank You’ after a purchase or ‘Nice meeting you’ after a visit a postcard adds a personal touch that is remembered. They are generally not intended to directly sell products (like a direct mail flyer or brochure), but to captivate and engage consumers so they seek to know more, or to leave a lasting impression.

What are business postcards?

It easy to think of postcards as something we send on holiday, or at least used to send. As a marketing tool, they are often overlooked in an age where digital is king. Even overlooked for more traditional direct mail products like flyers and brochures.

But, unlike other forms of direct mail, postcards always get read. They’re unique to receive amongst the clutter of flyers and brochures. And a postcard is direct to your target, unlike traditional print and online advertising.

Business postcards are one of the most affordable, targeted marketing tools available.

Also, they’re not just for traditional marketing use either. Businesses use them for transactional purposes like address validation or appointment reminders.

Here are just a few ways businesses are using postcards:

  • Birthday Postcards; constantly surprise and delight customers with a reoccurring birthday postcard. These can be automated via integration with your CRM.
  • Seasonal Postcards; send targeted postcards for your Christmas or summer sale campaigns
  • Real Estate Postcards; Home listings and home sold information, one of the biggest uses of business postcards
  • Promotions; be it promoting a new business in the area, a sale you have running, a political campaign, postcards just work
  • Appointment Reminders; One of the most popular uses of business postcards. People take note of reminders went sent via postcard, they’ll pin them on the fridge don’t you worry. These can also be automated with CRM integration or via API.

Seasonal Postcard

Appointment Reminder

Real Estate – Just Sold/New Listing

Business Promotion

Thank You


Business postcards in the cloud

Good, modern business postcard companies utilise the cloud and provide a fully automated service, which helps keep costs down.

To launch a postcard campaign it should be as simple as logging into an online dashboard and either uploading your completed postcard, or design one within the dashboard. Then define your contacts and click send. The postcard is then zapped into the cloud and put through a fully automated process of printing, stamping and delivering. Leaving you to sit back and track via dashboard analytics.

The better companies will also offer a comprehensive set of APIs and multiple integrations with third-party software, especially CRMs. Allowing you to automate reoccurring or triggered business postcards.

Customised mail postcards via a could print & post service are:

  • Cost-effective – more affordable than mailing letters, postcards allow businesses to save money on printing costs, page collation, and address labels – crisp and concise, postcards are, in many ways, akin to the “text-message” of the direct mail world. Postcards require no envelope, and bulk mail service orders cost less per item than smaller orders.
  • Highly targeted – they reach their intended audience, unlike adverts placed in newspapers, magazines, and on television. Mailing lists are generated or purchased based on specific demographics and consumer behaviours.
  • Versatile: choose whether to direct your recipients to visit your website, call a number, or text a shortcode to access your sales pitch. Real estate postcards, for example, can be sent out locally with instructions to directly call the managing agent if interested. They can also instruct recipients to text a number to opt-in for SMS marketing.
  • Captivating: advertising mail is so often discarded without a glance by homeowners. Postcards, however, are immediate and when appropriately-targeted and eye-catching, will engage the recipient at first glance.

Physical mail as easy as email

With ClickSend, you can send physical mail with as much ease as you send an email, and custom postcards are of high value to your business when utilised properly. We help you reach millions of consumers by unlocking the hidden potential that traditional mail still holds. With ClickSend, you can opt for:

  • Postcard Service: print, mail and track your business postcards on demand with our custom postcard print and delivery service.
  • Concealed PIN Number Letters: send tamper-proof PIN numbers and passwords for your business securely via traditional post.
  • Online Post: send letters from a web-enabled computer quickly and easily.
  • Email to Post: with seamless integration between email and traditional mail.
  • Post API: (application programming interface) enables direct integration with business software with the ability to send letters.
  • Printer Driver for Print-to-Post: print letters from your computer by sending the printed letter to ClickSend via the internet – we print, fold and post worldwide.
  • Bulk Post Marketing: using our secure API for email to post and uploading a list of contacts.

With ClickSend, you can integrate post into anything you wish to, and we are an environmentally-friendly option for mail as we streamline processes and use recycled materials.

Contact us today for more information on our custom postcards service.

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