SMS Solutions for your Sporting Club

Do you operate a sporting club or association?

Whether you’re a local youth cricket or baseball club, a large professional football club, or a suburban sporting club offering licensed social premises, you need to be able to communicate with your patrons and members quickly and effectively, at the lowest cost possible. SMS is the ideal solution for you! With open rates of 98%, there is no better way to reach your members and board than by implementing SMS solutions today.

While it can make perfect sense and be very beneficial to also invest in email marketing – and this is certainly the preferred method of delivering newsletters and longer messages to your members – bulk SMS is a fast, affordable, and efficient way to maintain your members’ and fan base’s interest, update supporters on the off-season, and keep everyone informed in real time of scores, events, location changes, and wet weather updates.

SMS messaging service can be a sporting club’s greatest asset. Fast and reliable communication is critical between club officials, players, and supporters. With a superior bulk SMS messaging service, like what we offer at ClickSend, everyone on the sporting club or association’s database can be contacted instantaneously for streamlined operations. This will in turn expand member satisfaction, attendance, and loyalty to the club.

Many local sporting clubs have a number of teams and other groups under their respective umbrellas and by implementing SMS solutions for sporting clubs, messaging can promptly be structured so that messages can be quickly sent to specific teams, selected persons or groups, or the entire database at once. Two-way communications can also be arranged, and recipient responses can be collected.

Sporting clubs can get people to register on their website by SMS

How Can SMS Solutions for Sporting Clubs (Large or Small) be Helpful?

  • Boost Ticket Sales
  • Deliver Mobile Tickets
  • Provide Live Updates and Results
  • Increase Event Attendance
  • Deliver Wet Weather Notices
  • Send Training Reminders and Information
  • Advise of Fixture Changes
  • Emergency Messaging
  • Send Meeting Details
  • Order Club Merchandise
  • Manage and Advertise Social Events
  • Link to Social Media
  • Drive Relevant Traffic to your Website
  • Build a Supporter Database (opt-in)
Sporting clubs can send results by SMS

SMS solutions provide the perfect way to conveniently manage your sporting association or club communications. SMS is the most cost-effective, efficient, and reliable channel for instant communication with a wide audience. Contact us at ClickSend today and invest in the best SMS messaging service for your sports club or association.