SMS Solutions: Human Resources

Communication is the key to the success of any Human Resources (HR) department, and effective communication is essential for an HR department’s daily activities. HR continuously needs to communicate with staff, from employee management to payroll, from recruitment to contracts, and everything in between. SMS solutions are the ideal way to save time and money within a company’s HR department, and to keep teams updated and informed.

A human resources department navigates and manages every aspect of a business that relates to employees and managers. This includes but is not limited to recruitment and selection, payroll, performance, grievances, and workplace industrial relations. The HR department is integral to a business.

Your Human Resources department can benefit enormously from investment in SMS solutions. With SMS software for HR, your daily, weekly, and monthly processes are streamlined and your business will gain a competitive edge as a result.

sms solutions for hr

Why is SMS superior for HR?

Meetings and phone calls are disruptive and time-consuming.

Emails may be lost, go to a spam folder, or be missed.

SMS, on the other hand, is fast, reliable, effective, and offers only essential information. It is a great tool for recruitment, especially for Millennials and Generation Z who far prefer texting to any other form of communication.

Did you know?

  • 70% of job seekers use mobile to plot their next move career-wise
  • 23% of mobile keyword searches feature the word “job” (Source: SkyWater)

How Can SMS solutions for HR benefit your business?

sms solutions for hr example
  • Recruitment – communicate job vacancies and interview reminders to job seekers and applicants. Send additional information to candidates and enhance the candidate experience.
  • New Employee Orientation – via two-way communication, welcome new employees on their first day and provide important information from pass codes to where to find the staffroom. SMS helps them transition to the team smoothly.
  • Employee Rostering and Scheduling – send rosters with bulk SMS and fill gaps quickly in cases of sick leave.
sms solutions for hr example
  • Announcements – say goodbye to messy noticeboards and send announcement messages to all employees and staff via SMS.
  • Payroll – verify leave, resolve pay issues, send timesheet reminders, minimise time on the phone, and avoid the need for most face-to-face meetings.
  • Reminders – maximise attendance at meetings, training sessions, and company events. Maintain deadlines.
sms solutions for hr example
  • Education – up to 40% of employees are unaware of their HR benefits within their workplace. Use SMS to send links to deadline reminders, opt-in forms, benefit facts, and more.
  • Surveys – gain feedback from staff to enhance morale, including employee engagement, employee satisfaction, and employee retention.

SMS notifications are an effective way to achieve your HR goals and conquer challenges. It is unobtrusive and is the preferred channel for real-time communication. SMS delivers the right information to employees instantaneously. Contact us at ClickSend today to explore how SMS solutions for HR can benefit your organisation.

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