SMS Marketing: Some Quick and Quirky Facts and Statistics

SMS marketing is a fantastic tool for lead generation, customer loyalty, and direct selling. It is demonstrated time and again by marketing research and statistics that SMS is engaging, measurable, and it almost guarantees a positive return on investment for business owners.

Here’s just a few quick facts and stat’s relating to SMS marketing and mobile:

  • 75% of mobile phones globally are equipped to receive SMS. This number is predicted by industry experts to grow to 90% by 2026. [I want to know what the 25% of phones that aren’t equipped to receive SMS look like; what make, what model?! ? – Ed]
  •  SMS marketing campaigns perform seven times better than email marketing campaigns. Email marketing most certainly continues to have its integral place for businesses, however with SMS, almost 100% of messages are opened and read by recipients – there is no more effective marketing channel than opt-in SMS.
  • 50% of US consumers will directly make a purchase following receipt of marketing text, coupon, or QR code via SMS. This means that for a brand, half of these types of text messages sent will elicit a positive actionable response – and the bottom line is that with strategic SMS, half of the target consumers will convert. This is an astounding number and proves that any brand or business that does not have an SMS marketing strategy is missing out on a major sales channel.
  • Almost 80% of smartphone users rely on mobile services such as SMS opt-in while making purchase decisions. This includes reading reviews and showing items found previously online to salespersons instore.
  • More than 50% of mobile users make purchase decisions based on mobile search results. 90% of mobile users search using their smartphones, and with SMS, even greater rates of consumer engagement are not just possible but likely. When clever and persuasive SMS marketing is employed, mobile users are more likely to search on the spot and this guides them through the sales funnel to conversion.
  • SMS marketing messages are rarely considered to be spam – this is a direct result of opt-in and ease of opt-out. Additionally, mobile SMS users are far less likely than email users to delete a message without reading it.
  • 90% of mobile users who are enrolled believe they benefit from SMS loyalty clubs. This represents huge rates of customer satisfaction and elicits even greater loyalty to their favoured brands.

In the US and the UK (and most likely in Australia as well), 20% of internet users access the web via mobile alone – they do not use any other channel to access the internet. This number will increase with time and it demonstrates clearly how influential SMS marketing can be and that it will be even more so in time.

SMS marketing is a high-value channel for reaching and influencing consumers. ClickSend is a global business communications company specialising in SMS, RCS, Email and much more. And of course, we’re pretty big fans of mobile channels.

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