Mobile Marketing: What to Expect in 2019?

Here’s to a Happy New Year of mobile marketing!

2019 is here and with it a fresh perspective and (hopefully!) a renewed motivation for business and marketing.

When it comes to mobile marketing, you need to be ahead of the competition and to adopt trends as soon as they drop. Tech updates come thick and fast, and as a brand, you need some savvy to beat the curve and remain at the forefront for the benefit of your customers and your business.

So what are the mobile trends that are expected to be prominent during the next year? Here’s a few to wet your whistle…


augmented reality

Image property of Apple Inc

Augmented Reality (AR) – there you go, we’ve said it next up we’ll be saying AI and drones ?…. But seriously there will be some substantial movement on the AR front for mobile devices in 2019 and not so much major advances (although there will be some), but more people getting used to functionality that’s already there. People incorporating, even more so, existing AR functionality into their everyday lives.

Like….Emoji packs that give you the power to create and play with the world around you through your camera. These emoji packs help you bring more of your imagination to your photos and videos with interactive characters that react to each other and to you—and tell a richer story by adding animated stickers and creative captions.

Google emoji packs

Image property of Google LLC

However, mobile AR technology will continue to extend its functionality into other applications for business as well. Holographic presentations and interactive seminars are just a few examples of how this tech may expand into mobile platforms.


artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) how could we not follow up AR with AI….. How popular were the intelligent, connected home assistant products like Google Home and Amazon Alexa at Christmas 2018? Very and they’re only just warming up.

In terms of mobile, apps with built-in AI support will become even more mainstream in 2019 and beyond especially with the ever growing popularity of chatbots. Chatbots will be a big mover in 2019 even more so as RCS becomes more mainstream. This next generation text messaging technology (RCS) offers all the functionality of OTT apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, but using your phone’s native SMS functionality so no app downloads, no having to be part of a social network etc.

rcs chatbot

Chatbots will be on the rise in 2019

We’ll be doing a further, update blog on RCS as it ramps up in 2019 – bring it on!


app security

Enhanced app security – the increasingly mobile nature of the modern world has huge implications for corporate security, and Dell researchers have found that more than 20% of small- to medium-sized business’s employees have lost their company-issued device used for work. Only 35% of people use a PIN code or password to gain access to their devices. This is a potential disaster for a business. Extra security is required now, and developers are working to create better inbuilt mobile app security, predominantly in the form of blockchain encryption. This complex system will dramatically enhance security for mobile users and will be a boon for SMS marketing and mobile marketing.

Oh, and keep an eye on blockchain technology in 2019. It’s tipped that the main technology providing safety and protecting user information within mobile apps will be blockchain encryption.


push pull marketing

The Role of Push-Pull Messaging – current SMS trends are predominantly focused on push messaging that is initiated by the advertiser, which can be seen by some consumers as an interruption. This could affect a brand in a negative way in some cases. High-value push messaging differs, and in the form of vouchers, for example, can win over consumers. This also stands true for things like appointment reminders and weather alerts.

Pull messaging, on the other hand, is driven by customers, for example in the form of opting into a campaign using short-codes. These are a great way for a business to generate both leads and revenue.

While mobile app (OTT) use is clearly growing – and while SMS marketing may be moving toward customer service applications and chatbots with RCS business messaging – SMS will still continue to be a powerful, low-cost marketing tool for some time yet.

ClickSend is at the forefront of technology for SMS marketing and RCS business messaging. Contact us today to explore how you can benefit from our services in 2019.

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