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SMS Marketing – How Medical Centres can Benefit

SMS marketing in Australia is being used to great benefit across a vast array of industries, and among those that can benefit most from implementing SMS software is the healthcare industry. Medical centres, as well as dentists, allied health providers, and even hospitals, are all experiencing huge growth as an industry and as such, the systems they use need to evolve to be more efficient, more user-friendly, and more profitable.

SMS marketing is one way to enhance the processes within the healthcare industry for the benefit of administrators, employees, and clients. With better communications between staff members, suppliers, and patients, operations run more smoothly.

With extremely high delivery and open rates (of up to 98%), SMS is a platform for communication used by almost everyone and delivery is almost instantaneous.

How Can SMS Benefit Medical Centres and the Healthcare Industry?

  • Send SMS alerts for upcoming appointment reminders
  • Elicit confirmations to reduce no-shows for appointments
  • Recall patients where required
  • Provide prescription reminders
  • Provide test results where appropriate
  • Create calls to action (e.g. appointment due)
  • Seek feedback from patients regarding care
  • Improve communications internally relating to rosters, staff meetings, urgent notifications, fill schedule gaps.
  • Improve patient response rates
  • Reduce administration workload
  • Foster loyalty and patient satisfaction
  • Save time and money

Why SMS is Preferred

The vast majority of consumers, including patients, prefer and even expect that communications from service providers will be in the form of SMS. SMS has clear advantages over email, phone call, and mail for this purpose:

  • More than 80% of Australians own a smartphone
  • The average Australian uses their smartphone for one thing or another 150 times every day.
  • Most people are within arm’s reach of their phone at all times.
  • SMS requires no internet or Wi-Fi connection.
  • SMS allows for instant delivery and instant response, anytime, anywhere.

SMS streamlines the re-booking process for patients, offering unobtrusive convenience for patients and at the same time, saving money for the medical centre or other healthcare practice. According to Health Engine, the average medical practice sends out 200 recall letters to patients every month, costing not only postage and stationery but also time and employee efforts which could be better spent elsewhere.

Some medical centres and healthcare providers are reluctant to invest in SMS software due to concerns relating to cost and efficacy. With a provider like ClickSend, know that you will save time, money, and empower your business with the right SMS solutions for you. SMS is secure, easy to audit, and easy to verify.

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