The Benefits of SMS Marketing for your Travel Agency

The travel industry is booming and this shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With clever use of the most up-to-date mobile marketing practices, your travel agency can reap the rewards of a booming industry and build closer, stronger client relationships for enhanced customer satisfaction and repeat business into the future.

Modern-day consumers have higher expectations of service providers in all walks of life and their expectations of the travel industry are no exception. It’s easier than ever for customers to make all their own travel arrangements themselves directly with their chosen hotel, activity provider, and carrier, so you need to entice them with tangible reasons to book their business travel or holiday through your agency.

It’s estimated that the tourism and travel industry currently use SMS marketing to no more than 20% of its capacity – leaving 80% of untapped potential! It is also estimated that the rate of mobile opt-in for marketing SMS will rise by 70% by 2021.* SMS is ideal for travel and tourism marketing. Done right, SMS marketing in Australia can increase bookings through your agency, enhance the customer’s experience, and develop a higher level of lasting brand loyalty.

Most travellers will opt in for SMS marketing and alerts from their travel agency when they book a trip. It’s a fast, easy, and non-intrusive way to receive communications from their travel agency.

How Can SMS Solutions Benefit a Travel Agency?

  • Confirm bookings
  • Send payment-due reminders
  • Confirm itineraries
  • Send check-in reminders
  • Send mobile QR code tickets and boarding passes
  • Provide personalised SMS loyalty cards
  • Send alerts for schedule changes
  • Send live updates for delays, service interruptions, weather events, etc
  • Deliver all-inclusive offers
  • Offer discounts for booking directly through an agency
  • Send out seasonal offers
  • Send alerts for flash sales
  • Inform existing clients of package deals
  • Reward loyalty with discount vouchers
  • Create keyword-based templates to understand client wants
  • Create separate contact lists based on client preferences and interests
  • Offer destination information and activity ideas – e.g. local restaurant recommendations, day-trip suggestions, car or shuttle hire, etc.
  • Conduct polls and surveys
  • Seek client feedback

ClickSend offers a premium mobile marketing and SMS marketing Australia platform that is hugely valuable within the travel industry. Choose modern and effective SMS solutions to build your business, streamline your processes, and generate client satisfaction and loyalty.

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