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Spa and Salon Marketing & Communications – How SMS Can Help

Missed appointments are the bane of hair and beauty salons. They waste the time of the hairstylist or beauty therapist, and missed appointments or lateness also annoy other customers who have to have their own appointments rescheduled or whose own appointments run later due to the impact of other clients not arriving on time. It also costs the salon money in lost time and revenue.

Using SMS solutions is a powerful way to mitigate the risks of missed appointments or lateness, and it is also a very valuable tool to build your business and keep it flowing as it grows. It also increases attendance during slow periods.

How Can SMS Solutions Help Your Salon?

  • Send timely reminders to clients for upcoming appointments
  • Elicit confirmation SMS from client
  • Send special promotion codes and discount vouchers to reward loyalty

  • Engage with clients to build stronger B2C relationships
  • Encourage refer-a-friend lead generation
  • Encourage clients to come in for “touch-ups” when they’re due for them (if they’ve not already booked an appointment)

  • Send alerts for flash events or special product promotions
  • Up-sell salon-only products
  • Promote time-sensitive deals to increase business during quiet periods

  • Send service and price lists by attaching a short-link to your SMS message
  • Advise on open appointments imminently to help fill spaces at the last minute
  • Get feedback instantly via SMS polls and surveys with access to rewards for answering

SMS marketing is an affordable and efficient way to manage your schedule and connect with your clients in their preferred manner. It is instantaneous, easy to send and delivery is guaranteed. 98% of SMS messages are opened within minutes of receipt. There is no better way to engage with your clientele, and there is no more budget-friendly mode of communication for your business. You will ultimately increase revenue, manage your schedule better, reduce costs, improve customer service, increase customer loyalty, and increase referrals.

ClickSend offers a premium SMS gateway that is ideal for the hair and beauty industry. Whether you operate a beauty salon, barber shop, hair salon, nail salon, or a spa, the use of SMS solutions is a win for you, your business, your employees, and your clients. Contact us today!