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How Direct Mail Marketing Can Boost Online Engagement

Online marketing is absolutely here to stay, yet direct mail marketing is anything but dead. With print forms of bulk mail and letterbox flyer distribution, you can actually leverage the power of traditional direct mail as a clever way to boost online engagement for your brand and business.

In particular, you can integrate your social media with your direct mail efforts to generate a measurably higher return on your marketing investment – how?

Promote social channels

Whether you choose catalogue, postcard, or flyer delivery, include your brand’s social media icons on your material. Tell people where to find you on social media and make it easy for them to connect with you socially. You should, of course, also provide these links on your website, but don’t underestimate the power of direct mail to generate even more legitimate leads. Having an obvious social media presence also lends authenticity to your brand and your marketing efforts will be viewed more favourably. Social media is a great way to build lasting relationships with consumers and maximise their loyalty to your brand.

Leverage video

Become interactive! Use QR codes on your direct mail to connect to YouTube or your mobile-optimised website to share video content. Video marketing is huge right now and adds another level to your overall marketing strategy. More than 80% of businesses currently use video as an effective marketing tool: increasing sales, improving understanding of products and services, reducing support requests, boosting traffic to the website, and converting customers.

Use landing pages

Create website landing pages specific to your direct mail campaign, as well as sharing links via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and any other brand-appropriate social platform you use.

Drive consumers to your landing pages and also to your social media pages from your direct mailings as well as from your website. Integrate social profiles into your Welcome and Thank You pages. Link easily from icons with a clear call to action. Make it appealing and fun!

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