What Does RCS Mean for your Business?

A few weeks ago we introduced you to the newest evolution in digital marketing: Rich Communication Services, or RCS. The question today is, what does RCS mean for your business?

The premise of RCS is to create a valuable user experience for consumers and your customers, and to impart empathy, which is a great way to communicate more effectively for the customer’s benefit and to maximise customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Examples of this include:

Personalised surveys and opinion polls
Alerts of availability for items a customer is interested in
Offering location maps

Send reminders
Provide visual calls-to-action
Allow clients to reschedule appointments

Ensure they will be at home for a pending delivery
Offer discount coupons or vouchers when consumers are in your store’s vicinity
Provide updates on order status

Send tickets with venue maps and other information
Notify of meeting venue or time changes
…and much more

Why Use RCS for Your Business?

The potential for RCS to enhance and positively transform your business for greater success and growth is virtually unlimited. With the same reach as SMS (consider that five billion people worldwide use SMS; in excess of 90% of texts are opened promptly and 98% are actually read), RCS offers a brand new level of B2C and B2B engagement.

Market research has demonstrated that most consumers prefer to use RCS action buttons over keyword-based, typed responses. Thanks to automation and two-way intelligent RCS systems, your business can communicate with consumers in exactly how they want you to.

With RCS, everything becomes far more streamlined and even effortless. You will impress your customers and clients while making everything from setting and rescheduling appointments, sending alerts, managing deliveries, and providing support post-sale a smooth and simple process.

Implementing RCS into your business digital strategy is a great way to actively show your customers that you care. The end result of this is a customer base that is more satisfied, more loyal, and more likely to become active lead generators on your behalf.

Contact ClickSend today to learn more about RCS and the future of digital engagement for your business. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing our expertise to help your business or organisation grow and evolve for a bright future.