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QuickTips to Help ROI for your Direct Mail Campaigns

Among the most effective forms of marketing, direct mail is here to stay, even in the modern and ever-evolving digital age. Even millennials appreciate direct mail and believe it is a reliable and appealing form of communication. For this reason, clever marketers and business owners need to incorporate direct mail into their marketing strategy.

Contrary to popular belief, direct mail is a cost effective marketing medium. Yes, it’s natural to wish to keep your costs down. A savvy business owner will capitalise on the return on investment that direct mail offers while saving money at the same time.


Maintain and regularly reassess your mailing list. Your target audience is a dynamic entity and you need to remain abreast of who is active and responsive. Remove consumers from your list who are inactive and unresponsive; further target those who are.

Understand your target audience. All marketing decisions must be based on them. By understanding who your customers are and who potential clients will be, you can strategically plan your marketing campaign for greater return on your investment.

Offer online response to direct mail marketing. Use direct mail to capture the attention of your targeted consumers, and then provide a clear and simple online means for them to respond to your call to action. You must, however, remember to consider how tech-savvy your target demographic is and plan accordingly; some consumers may be more comfortable with and respond better to a traditional pre-paid postage response. Give options based on your target demographic.

Take advantage of professional print services. Doing so allows direct mail campaigns to be printed and sent out quickly and cost effectively. This in turn will enhance your return on investment.

ClickSend makes it easy and cost effective for you to conduct superior direct mail marketing campaigns for your business or other organisation. We can help you mass mail entire delivery routes or even postcodes, creating captivating flyers, leaflets, and postcards.  With a simple pricing structure, complete access, and full responsibility for both printing and distribution, we allow you to target your active customers based on their location. It’s fast, reliable, and delivery is guaranteed. Contact ClickSend today to discover more.