Content Ideas to Generate More Email Subscribers

Success with email marketing depends on a number of factors, but one of the most important of these is the number of targeted email subscribers you have.  The ultimate success and effectiveness of your ongoing email marketing strategy depend on you growing your email list and having committed and engaged recipients.

So how do you grow your email list quickly?

Content upgrades are a fantastic way to achieve this. When you do it right, your subscriber base will increase like never before.

A content upgrade is a bonus piece of information that elaborates on or complements existing content – in other words, an “opt-in bribe” or “lead magnet” that is created specifically for your emails, your blog, or your website. It can, according to marketing research and statistics, boost email conversion rates by as much as ten-fold – there is no faster way to dramatically increase your targeted subscriber base.

Just a Few Content Upgrade Ideas Include:

  • Blog Post as a Downloadable – simply save your final blog draft as a PDF and provide it to your subscribers as an upgrade. They can download the PDF version of your blog post for later perusal.
  • Case Study – a real-life example to illustrate your point or showcase your expertise is always popular. Package it as a downloadable PDF and present it as a lead magnet in your email.
  • Bonus Content – Tease your audience with part of your content, and provide the rest as bonus content delivered upon subscription.
  • Free Trial – content upgrades in the form of free trials, consults, or samples are very effective as hooks to tempt new subscribers. They represent a valuable bonus for subscribing for anyone curious about or interested in what you can offer them.
  • Infographics – these are incredibly captivating and a feast for the eyes. They stand out, demonstrate expertise, and are much more responsive than plain text. With 90% of the brain being visual, and most people being visual learners, infographics are appealing and easy to mentally digest. They are also extremely sharable.
  • Checklist – so visitors easily remember main points and seek more detail.
  • How-To Guide – offered as a content upgrade, these can show how to use a specific product, what a specific service can do for consumers, etc.

Done right, content upgrades can elicit email subscription from at least ten percent of your website visitors. They can help you build your email list exponentially, dramatically increasing the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign. ClickSend is delighted to be of assistance with all aspects of email marketing, including content upgrades to boost your email marketing strategy for unparalleled success. Contact us today to discover how we can help you take your business or other organisation to the next level!