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Top Reasons Why You Need Online Fax

Fax remains a very popular and effective way to send messages worldwide quickly and securely. Online fax has allowed modern businesses to move from traditional fax to digital fax services. There are so many advantages of moving from traditional to digital fax; both web-based and mobile applications can be used to send and receive digital fax.

What is Online Fax?

Online or digital fax is basically a virtual fax machine. It is hosted by an online fax server. Online fax may represent:

  • Email fax – fax that is accessed via email or a web portal
  • VoIP or FoIP fax – fax over IP whereby a standalone fax machine connects to the internet to communicate with other fax machines
  • PC fax – where a PC acts as a fax machine, requiring specific software, fax modem, and landline
  • Virtual fax – also known as Cloud fax; fax which is entirely conducted online.

Why Invest in Online Fax?

  • It’s Professional – using online fax gives added credibility to your business, especially if you are small to medium in size or a start-up. It’s important for a professional image to have clear and effective communications channel that is secure; digital fax offers this and so much more.
  • It’s Accessible – send and receive fax anytime, anywhere. There are even mobile apps which allow the sending, receiving, and even electronic signing of secure documents. All you need is to be within mobile range.
  • It’s Environmentally Sustainable – with online fax, you use less paper, require less physical space in your office, and there is no requirement for printing unless you choose to do so.
  • It’s Convenient – no more loose pages to file or lose. No more clunky, cumbersome fax machines. No more printers and cartridges required. You can store fax messages online permanently, as well as using Cloud storage options.
  • It Saves Time and Money – say goodbye to wasted paper, fax machine maintenance costs, copious paper-based files, and say hello to sending and receiving fax with mobile devices.

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