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The Basic Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

With so much contemporary focus on digital marketing, it can be easy to overlook direct mail and traditional post as a feasible marketing activity in the modern world. Yet direct mail offers many benefits to businesses for marketing, advertising, and brand building…

Direct mail marketing allows you to connect with a wide consumer base via their physical letterbox – either at their home or at their designated post office box.

Direct mail might seem old fashioned when compared with email or SMS; however it is a time-honoured and proven method of directly communicating with consumers.

Basic Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing Include:

  • Direct mail is tangible and your material literally lands in consumers’ hands – this helps build consumer trust in your brand. Although we live in a digital world now with the lure of social media, video and ads, at the end we favour tangible forms.We value having something in our hands. The reason people still prefer to read on paper, is that we remember better what we read in a real book than on an e-reader. There’s still value in real objects.
  • Direct mail stands out from the crowd – there is far more email than physical mail sent these days.

  • Direct mail is cognitively easier to process than digital advertising. At a cognitive level, one of the major benefits of direct mail is that it’s a LOT easier to assimilate. In fact, a study found that direct mail requires 21 percent less cognitive focus to take in than digital ads.
  • Target directly to your base.

  • It is cost-effective. It might surprise you, but direct mail marketing is the most cost efficient channel. It ranks as an effective means to drive customer action. Where ATL ads might be great for increasing brand value, it’s the direct mail that will drive customers to respond.
  • Outcomes versus costs are easily measured.

  • Send leaflets, flyers, letters, postcards, or catalogues.
  • Target consumers based on their location.

  • People like to receive high value, interesting mail. Even though direct mail marketing is unlikely to evoke the same excitement as getting a letter from a friend, it’s much more efficient in increasing customer engagement than, for instance, email. Recent research shows that, 54 percent of customers love getting mail from the brands they like!
  • Brands using only online advertising are not generally considered to be as reputable as those investing in direct mail advertising as well. This is why brands are shifting to multi-channel experiences and Direct Mail is a key part of this.

Note that:

  • Response rates are enhanced by more than 25% when digital marketing is followed up by direct mail marketing
  • Brand recall is 40% greater when email marketing is followed up with direct mail
  • Advertising impact, branding, and calls to action are enhanced by more than 20% with direct mail

With ClickSend, you can send out physical mail just as easily as you can send email. Snail mail offers an array of hidden benefits and we can help you with letters, postcards, and mass mailing directly to entire postcodes or large targeted groups of recipients. We can even offer you concealed pin number letters that are safe and secure. Our pricing structure is simple! Contact us today  to explore your options.