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Fax and Modern Business: Why it’s NOT Dead

FAX. You hear the word and in all likelihood think of big old clunky machines that were common in offices decades ago before we had the luxury of email, SMS, and other digital forms of fast communication. In fact, many millennials have no idea what fax is.

Yet despite the predictions of many, fax is anything but dead. In fact, it has evolved with the times to be an incredibly valuable communication medium for modern businesses and other organisations.

What is fax? The word “fax” is short for facsimile. Also known as telecopying, it traditionally refers to the transmission of printed material via telephone connected to a printing device. A document is scanned with the fax machine, the scanned image is converted to a bitmap, and this is transmitted as a set of electrical signals. The recipient fax machine converts the coded images back into a paper hard copy of the document. Modern computer modems can send and receive fax data.

The difference with modern fax is that the fax process has evolved beyond the old cumbersome machines that frequently experienced paper jams, blurry printouts, busy signals, and sender errors. Modern fax utilises cloud technology, fax to email, or virtual fax. There is no longer a requirement for a dedicated fax phone line.Modern businesses, even those that are most cutting-edge, continue to benefit from fax technology.

There are still more than forty-five million fax machines used worldwide, with billions of fax messages sent annually. According to some researchers, in the medical field modern fax still constitutes seventy-five percent of all communications. In fact, the global computer-based fax market in 2015 was worth USD $620 million. This number is growing.

Why Use Fax?

  • Successful companies continue to use fax. So too do B2B customers, government agencies, suppliers, and other stakeholders.
  • Businesses and other organisations that use fax well are successfully integrating it with email, customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and electronic health records (EHR).
  • Fax is a secure system which maintains information privacy utilising end-to-end encryption. It is more secure than email which is not heavily encrypted.
  • Fax technology is ideal in places where electronic signatures are not yet recognised as being legal.
  • Fax is cloud-compatible, hence marrying the convenience of traditional fax technology with the latest information transmission technology.
  • Fax is affordable. Sending a fax is more affordable than sending secure direct mail.
  • Fax machines also work as photocopiers and printers, incorporating three machines into one.

And 4 Reasons Why You Should Now Use Cloud Fax Services

Fax from your desktop
Cloud fax services integrate with a wide variety of ERP/business systems, streamlining faxing and giving users the ability to send and receive faxes directly from their current IT landscape. Save your paper for rolling into balls and having a hit of office cricket.

Real-time notifications
Manual fax processes provide no visibility into the workflow, making it nearly impossible to answer questions such as: Was the fax received by the correct individual? Exactly where is the fax located in the workflow? Real-time tracking and automatic notifications offer organisations the assurance and oversight that internal servers and fax machines can’t.

Total business continuity
A cloud fax service solution supports 24/7/365 fax communication to ensure continuous service of your faxing operations. Solutions with global platforms backing up one another eliminate the possibility of production interruption and provide a safe and secure infrastructure for every fax.

Cloud fax service is unbreakable and unbeatable
Documents are transmitted from your company’s business application to a production facility, allowing all of your fax jobs to be handled regardless of their size. What does that mean for you? No more worrying about high-volume fax jobs that internal servers and fax machines can’t handle — cloud fax operations can withstand even the highest peak volumes. And with the added benefit of increasing productivity by 200%, a cloud fax solution is unbeatable.

ClickSend is very proud to offer modern fax services for contemporary business on our platform. Our “cloud fax machine” incorporates online fax, email to fax, and fax API, with custom integration to suit your individual unique needs. Explore our cloud fax product and discover how ClickSend can make this medium work for you.