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Tips for Creating a Great Catalogue for Direct Mail

Direct mail is considered a more traditional form of marketing and many people suspect as such that it is old fashioned and even passé. This is simply not true! Direct mail marketing has its rightful and important place alongside SMS, email, social media, and other marketing forms to build a full picture for the most effective overall branding and marketing strategy.

Direct mail is one of the most successful marketing channels available*

  • Household response rates to direct mail are over 5%, which is relatively high when compared with some other popular marketing channels.
  • 77% of householders sort through their mail, including direct marketing mail
  • 98% of householders collect their direct mail from their letterbox on the day it is delivered.
  • Customer response rates to direct mail are steadily increasing, and response rates are boosted when direct mail is personalised
  • With so much email spam, modern consumers prefer to receive direct mail-based advertising and marketing material if it is unsolicited.
  • Direct mail can consistently deliver up to a twelve-fold return on investment in sold goods and services.

Direct mail marketing material may include flyers, single page documents, post cards, and catalogues. Catalogues, in particular, can be enormously popular and effective of they are planned, refined, and produced well and targeted appropriately.

How can you succeed with Direct Mail Catalogue Marketing?

  • Identify your target market, and create your campaign with them specifically in mind. Your campaign will be most effective if you narrow your target audience, as your message will resonate best with a highly targeted group.
  • Make your call to action clear and simple. A single step is important – for example, CALL NOW, BUY NOW, CLICK HERE – and make your call to action time sensitive and exclusive. Exclusivity is a powerful motivator – as is a sense of urgency.
  • The message contained in your material should focus on the benefits to your audience that you offer. Benefits might include cutting edge technology or fashion, competitive pricing, outstanding service, unlimited convenience, and much more.
  • Align your catalogue with your brand identity. This includes your design, your logos, your branding colour scheme, your message and tone, and all aspects of your content and copy.
  • Appearance matters! Your catalogue must be inviting and pleasing to the eye. This compels recipients to read it. Consider:
      • Clear, concise, easy to read copy
      • Plenty of white space
      • Easy-to-read font style, size, and colour scheme
      • High quality images
      • Simple to act on call to action
      • Contact details

    These are just a few of the important steps to creating a great catalogue for direct mail marketing. Need help? Look no further than ClickSend! We are a highly-sought, professional team of experts in direct mail marketing as well as SMS, email, and much more. Contact us now to explore how we can collaborate with you to help your marketing efforts flourish for great results.