How Can SMS Marketing Enhance your Club?

SMS marketing isn’t just a great thing for for-profit companies. It can also be incredibly beneficial to sporting clubs, fitness and health clubs, community groups, and other such organisations.

Communication is the key to the success of your club and the satisfaction of your members. Modern life inundates us with messages – via direct mail, phone calls, emails, messaging apps, social media, television, radio, and the much –hated telemarketing. By far, people today prefer in most cases to receive messages via SMS.

Why SMS?

Unlike email, which has average open rates of around 20% and which may directly land in the junk mail folder, SMS open rates are consistently in the vicinity of 98%. When you communicate via SMS, your message is not only delivered, it is opened and read quickly. Additionally, required responses via SMS are usually prompt too.

SMS is personal; only those who have opted into receiving communications will receive them. It requires no internet connection, so it is convenient and with the vast majority of mobile phones being enabled for SMS, what could be simpler?

When your club or organisation uses SMS text messaging for its communication with members, you are guaranteed of reaching your entire audience almost instantaneously after you send your message.

How Can Your Club use SMS?

Send alerts, update schedules….

Provide scores and results, advise venue or time changes….

Run contests and promotions….

Seek volunteers, keep in touch with members, plan fundraisers….

Arrange social events and meetings, engage with supporters, save money.

Partner with a professional SMS marketing provider such as ClickSend to reap the benefits of SMS for your club or community organisation. It is affordable and there is no better way to manage communication with your members. SMS can help streamline your processes and enhance the experience for all involved. Contact us today to explore how we can breathe new life into your club.