4 Ways an SMS Campaign Can Create Social Engagement

Social media creates a whole new array of possibilities for marketers to interact with consumers on a level that is more personal. With this capacity for real relationship building between businesses and consumers, social media is a must for marketing. So too, your targeted SMS campaign can also create social engagement for the benefit of your brand. How?

When you take a strategic approach, your SMS marketing activities can create social engagement for your business. The key to this is to not only send out text messages that inform or offer special deals, but that also provide the following for active engagement:

  • SMS Contests: fun contests are a great way to encourage consumer interaction with your brand. Ask a multiple choice question about your business or product and have recipients text in their answer. Alternatively, make this an ongoing trivia game. Offer prizes to those who participate, encourage them to share with friends, and this will allow you to increase your reach and potentially add members to your SMS marketing list.


  • Polls: people love having their say and feeling like you care about what they think and, as such, surveys and polls generate a lot of feedback. It is a great way to connect with consumers and have them connect with your company or organisation. Ask about which product they prefer, ask them to choose between options for a new product, or link polls to events which can simply encourage general social interaction – like which team they support for the football Grand Final, or which sport they are most looking forward to watching at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. It doesn’t directly have to be all about your business!


  • Text a Friend Campaigns: these are great for expanding your company’s reach and generating new leads. Ask your SMS subscribers to forward your text messages to a friend to share information, special offers, and contests, and offer incentives for doing so.


  • Include MMS: MMS (image-based text) is fun to receive. Send GIFs, memes, photos, and even short videos to create a campaign that is easy and fun to share with others. It’s a great way to keep your public profile up but not by overselling your business.


ClickSend is the perfect partner to help you realise all of your SMS marketing goals. We help you every step of the way, so that you can implement the marketing you need for creating a valuable, ongoing relationship with your customer base and to generate new lads for the growth of your business.