Using SMS to Send Appointment Reminders

Using SMS to send out appointment reminders can save your business a lot of time and money. Whether you are a medical or dental practice, a beauty or hair salon, a banking institution, a complimentary health provider, a travel agency, or any other kind of business that sets appointments, you will know only too well: when a client or customer misses an appointment, you lose money.

Why is this? Even if your client is a no-show, you still need to pay employees and other operating costs – even while you are receiving no revenue. Too many missed appointments will be very detrimental to your bottom line.

The single biggest reason for client no-shows is simple: they forget.

When you use SMS to send out timely appointment reminders, it is easier for clients to confirm, reschedule, or cancel appointments as they need to and in advance. This reduces your incidence of no-shows and ultimately improves client satisfaction – they appreciate the gentle reminder that SMS affords. SMS is also the most effective reminder tool – with open rates of almost one hundred percent and high response rates.

  • Appointment reminders need only be very short and to the point: include the date, time, location, and a simple to affect call to action to confirm, cancel, or reschedule.


  • Personalise messages for better customer service – use the recipient’s name and the identity of the sender. Make the tone friendly and in line with your brand identity.


  • Timing is everything – it needs to be just right. Send reminders up to a week in advance – but no later than twenty four hours in advance of the appointment.


  • Make confirmation simple, including if the client needs to reschedule. The easiest method is for the client to answer your SMS reminder message with “YES” to confirm, “NO” to cancel, and “RESCHEDULE” to reschedule. Alternatively, allow for rescheduling by providing a number to call.

SMS marketing is a simple, efficient, and cost effective tool for you to send out non-intrusive appointment reminders. Partner with us at ClickSend to facilitate this and all other aspects of SMs marketing that are appropriate for your business and your unique requirements. We are waiting for your call!