How Mailing Lists Work – What you Need to Know

Whether your marketing strategy includes direct mail, email (or even SMS), you will rely on having an effective and responsive mailing list. Your mailing list itself will determine how successful your mail marketing efforts are; according to industry experts, 40% of your marketing success is directly related to your mailing list.

Your mailing list allows for widespread distribution of your marketing messages to a targeted group of consumers. It will consist of a list of curated names and addresses or email addresses (or in the case of SMS, mobile phone numbers) which can be used to send material to a large number of recipients.

There are various kinds of mailing lists. In-house lists are lists that your business owns; you generate these from customers and other interested contacts. They cost you nothing to collate and can include current customers, former customers, and potential customers who have subscribed in some way to receive your mailings.

Some businesses also rent mailing lists. This is on a pay-per-number of names which you rent to use for a single mailing. Any recipients of your mail who respond favourably to your message then automatically become part of your own list and you need not pay to use their contact details again. Rental lists can be based geographically or on other demographics.

Lists need to be regularly assessed for their value to your business. Names should be removed for those who did not voluntarily subscribe, those who ask to be removed, and those who have made any kind of complaint.

It is crucial to avoid spamming your list. For this reason, send only messages of value and that are authentic to your brand. Never pass on or share your mailing list to a third party – even if they offer you payment for doing so.

Your mailing list is a high value commodity for your business – treat it as such at all times! Additionally, choose a superior partner for direct mail, email, and SMS marketing like ClickSend. Our Australian-based global marketing gateway and platform is second to none and we’d love to partner with you for the streamlined growth of your business.