Is Your Mailing List Responsive?

Last week we touched on how mailing lists work for direct mail and email marketing. Today we address the question of whether or not your mailing list is responsive.

Today we primarily focus on the email marketing campaign. For the success of your email marketing campaign, you must have a responsive mailing list. What does this mean? A responsive mailing list is a mailing list that works for you. It delivers on the desired results for you and your business; you see a distinct return on your investment.

The key to building a responsive mailing list is to gain permission prior to adding someone to your list – this is the key to email marketing. Doing so will help you avoid negative responses, having list members unsubscribe, and prevent you from receiving complaints for spam.

So how do you build a responsive mailing list?

  • Add a button on your website home page inviting visitors to opt into your mailing list. If people make an active choice to join your mailing list, your newsletters and other messages will be more welcome when they hit their inbox.


  • Offer a “free gift” when people subscribe to your mailing list – this could be a product sample, discount voucher, event invitation, or similar.


  • When you send email marketing material, make sure content is compelling and concise. Make it valuable to your recipients so that they not only want to read it, but that they look forward to receiving it.


  • Your subject line is of great importance. Make it stand out, make it captivate the audience, and ensure it is not obscure or annoying.


  • Don’t overdo it. Only email your list when you have something important to say and something valuable for your audience – it has to be about them.


  • Never spam your audience or send out unsolicited messages. Make it easy for them to unsubscribe, and respect any decision a list member makes to do so.

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