Growing your Email List – Tips for Non Profits

Email lists can be one of the very best marketing tools. Recipients of your emails have opted in or subscribed by providing their email address, so have already demonstrated an interest in what you have to say.

Email lists allow you to again direct people to your website; keep in touch, and broadcast news and events. This can be very powerful for charity and other non-profit organisations. Donors expect online engagement with organisations they support, and outreach by direct email has proven time and again to be the most effective way to drive donations and support. Email appeals are fast and easy to create, are cost effective, not intrusive, and provide swift feedback.


Success for non-profit emailing depends on your email list. This list is the lifeblood of your organisation’s outreach programs, and you need to be adding ore subscribers than you are losing. These subscribers need to be active participants in your endeavours.

Tips for Growing your Email List

  • Ensure all your media mentions drive potential donors to your website.


  • Optimise your website for search purposes – be easy to find.


  • Make email signup forms simple – ask only for name and email address. People will be more receptive if they don’t have to give phone number, address, date of birth, etc.


  • Place subscription forms high on your home page and above the fold.


  • Incentivise joining up to your email list via your website. Offer interesting or informative articles, demonstrate how supporters have helped your cause, or even offer a discount for event entry.


  • Personalise yourself and use your email signature on all emails.


  • Ask supporters to sign a petition and get involved.


  • Collect email addresses at events during the registration process.


  • Make the most of your social media presence. Include periodic calls to action on social media to encourage users to sign up to your email list. Make it very clear what your mission is and what their support will help you do. Additionally, make your posts sharable so more people hear your message.


List building for non-profits drives donations, provides timely feedback, and scales communications. Email campaigns have been proven to enhance donations, grow revenue levels, and provide greater success in fundraising efforts.


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