SMS for Insurance

Tailored SMS solutions for offer distinct advantages compared with other methods of communication for the Insurance industry. Customers seek reliable, real-time information for increased engagement and overall satisfaction. With timely messages, policy payments are more likely to be made on time, renewals are maintained, and conversion rates are dramatically improved following online quoting. Insurance exists to provide consumers with peace of mind, and SMS solutions for the Insurance industry augment this.

Features of SMS for Finance and Banking:

  • Fast SMS account set-up
  • Adjustable permissions on unlimited user accounts
  • Personalised messages
  • Fast communication
  • Schedule or automate messages
  • Simple billing structure

Who Can Benefit:

  • Insurance Companies
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Safety Compliance Professionals
  • Operations Managers


SMS Solutions for Insurance: an array of recommended SMS solutions for Insurance includes:

  • Alerts:
    • Expiration of cover pending
    • Policy updates
    • Policy pricing changes
    • Claims accepted
  • Marketing:
    • To encourage customers to commit to longer policy terms
    • Personalise messages
  • Automation:
    • Renewal reminders
    • Anniversary date promotions
    • End of waiting period notifications
  • People Management
    • Group chats
    • Daily task listing
    • Event invites
    • Meeting notifications
    • Appointment and confirmation

Case Example:

Sadly, the insurance industry does not have the most stellar reputation, and many people avoid purchasing insurance. With better customer service and care, more consumers will willingly pay for insurance, whether it be for Home, Contents, Car, Travel, Health, and even Death and Funeral. SMS Solutions are a big factor in improved customer care for the Insurance industry. SMS enables immediate contact and allows insurance companies to capture accurate lead data, contact active leads, reduce comparison shopping, book and reschedule appointments, and reduce costs per lead. Customer loyalty and engagement are enhanced and repeat business drives revenue. SMS can be used to send premium renewal reminders, alert promotions, keep customers informed on claims progress, support online payments, and improve marketing. Finally, SMS improves staff communications and is the ideal way to transmit staff rosters, meeting information, and more. It is more affordable than phone or mail and it is more effective than email.

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