SMS for Education

SMS solutions for schools and other educational facilities are a powerful way to improve communication between teachers and parents, as well as to minimise student absenteeism. Truancy rates have been proven to drop by fifty percent in schools which alert parents promptly via SMS of a student’s absence from school or class on any given day. This also gives parents peace of mind that their child’s presence is noted and that they are in good hands. There is no faster or more economical way of communicating widely with parents, students, and school staff on any manner of topic. SMS messages are delivered within seconds of being sent and open rates are near perfect.

Features of SMS for Educational Facilities:

  • Fast SMS account set-up
  • Availability of a number of SMS templates
  • Adjustable permissions on unlimited user accounts
  • Personalised messages
  • Live reporting
  • Send instant updates
  • Simple billing structure

Who Can Benefit:

  • Schools – Public, Independent, and Private
  • Early Learning Centres
  • Government Training Organisations
  • Education Professionals (Principals, Teachers, Tutors, Administrators)
  • After School Care Facilities
  • Universities
  • TAFEs
  • Parents
  • Students

SMS Solutions for Education: an array of recommended SMS solutions for Education includes:

  • SMS Alerts:
    • Closure alerts (inclement weather, construction, safety)
    • Emergency announcements
    • Reports transmitted alerts
    • Bus change alerts
    • Late arrival from excursion alerts
    • Last minute instructions
    • Absentee notifications
    • Venue changes
    • Exam timetable changes
    • Class cancellation or rescheduling
  • Competitions:
    • Manage contest entries via SMS keywords
    • Tally votes (student elections, team awards, etc)
  • Fundraising:
    • Donations via SMS
  • Reminders:
    • School events
    • Assessment dates
    • Permission notes due
    • Fee payments due
  • Event Management:
    • Event RSVPs
    • Source volunteers for excursions and sports carnivals
    • Manage parent teacher meeting appointments
    • Notifications of P&C meetings
    • Manage canteen rosters
  • Security:
    • 2FA for higher security to access student information online
  • 2-Way Communication:
    • Create multiple chat groups for class parents and other parents groups to communicate
    • Parent Teacher SMS communication

Case Example:

Any local high school requires a reliable, fast, and efficient way to communicate with parents at short notice. This may be for confirmation of valid student absenteeism; alerting of student sickness or injury at school; important events; changes to schedules or routine; late bus arrivals; and various other messages that require instant communication. Phone and email are not always effective, yet with SMS delivery of messages is fast and open rates are near perfect. With premium SMS solutions, a superior SMS platform allows for announcements of emergencies, confirmation of absence, promotion of events, and reminders of events and payments due. Replies can be integrated with email for record keeping. The benefits include streamlined communications, fewer paper notes, and eliminated need for parents to send an absentee note upon their child’s return to school, and better overall processes for greater satisfaction in all parties.

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