SMS for eCommerce and Retail

ECommerce and Retail benefit from SMS solutions due to the ease of sending messages to a very large audience simultaneously for almost instant delivery and opening. SMS solutions are the preferred and most economical method of communication for many areas of eCommerce and retail marketing as they are cost effective and offer reach times of just three minutes and near perfect open rates of over ninety-eight percent. SMS offers a secure and personalised channel for communicating with employees and consumers, improving productivity and lowering operational costs. When fully integrated for your business, SMS can help automate many processes.

Features of SMS for E-Commerce/Retail:

  • Fast SMS account set-up
  • Availability of numerous SMS templates
  • Personalised messages
  • Live reporting
  • Live delivery receipting
  • Adjustable permissions on unlimited user accounts
  • Schedule or automate campaigns or send them instantly
  • Simple billing structure

Who Can Benefit:

  • eCommerce Businesses
  • Retail Professionals
  • Customer Service Representatives


SMS Solutions for eCommerce and Retail: an array of recommended SMS solutions for Retail and eCommerce includes:

  • SMS Alerts:
    • Flash promotions
    • Sale alerts
    • Inventory notifications
    • Delivery notifications
  • 2-Way SMS:
    • Obtain instant client feedback
    • Consumer voting for services and products via SMS keywords
  • Customer Service and Support
    • Send enquiries simply and quickly
  • Marketing:
    • SMS contests for engagement
    • Showcase “coming soon”
  • Event Management:
    • Communicate with volunteers and staff via group chat
    • Obtain RSVPs
  • Reminders:
    • For attendees of promotional events
    • Manage meetings
  • Security:
    • Confirm user accounts
  • Ordering and Delivery:
    • Invoicing
    • Status Reporting
    • Delivery Confirmation


Case Example:

A retailer that invests in SMS solutions for their business will increase staff engagement, being able to communicate easily and directly regarding rosters, filling staffing gaps at short notice, and confirming shift times with casual employees. Connection with consumers is cost effective, non-intrusive, and response rates are enhanced with SMS. Customers can be further engaged with promotions, specials, and time-sensitive offers communicated directly over SMS. Coupons and vouchers for use in-store can be sent directly to customers’ phones. This builds loyalty, keeps a business in the forefront of the customer’s mind, and delivers repeat business.

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