Marketing for a Fundraising Event

One of the most important ways that email and direct mail campaigns can be useful is for fundraising. Whether for a charitable organisation, a community organisation, a school, a hospital, or other, fundraising represents a very real marketing goal, and it needs to be done well.

Here are some basic tips and tactics for writing effective fundraising copy for your email or direct mail fundraising campaign. With these in place, people will not only read your content – they will respond in the way you want them to.

  • Write for your targeted audience: here is where using purchased lists proves not to work. Fundraising appeals must be sent to the correct audience; otherwise they will be in vain. You need to identify your target audience – who is most likely to donate? – and then compose your copy with them in mind.


  • Be clear about what you want: a clear call to action is critical. Be open and don’t hesitate to ask for money or whatever form of donation you are seeking. Anticipate what your audience wants and needs to know: Why are you fundraising? How much are you trying to raise? How will their donation be used? Put what you are asking for into perspective.


  • Make your message count: Give insight into the need you are aiming to fill. Show how their donation can make a difference. Showcase how previous donations to your organisation have been used to fill a need.


  • Personalise: the tone of your fundraising marketing email or letter needs to be personalised. Engage your audience by telling stories, signing off as an individual, and writing with personality.

Success in marketing is not necessarily about reaching the most people in the shortest time. Instead, it’s about reaching the right people, conveying the message well, and driving them to action. ClickSend can help in this endeavour! Contact us today to learn more.