How To – The Welcome Email

First impressions count for a lot, so your welcome email matters enormously to the future success of your email marketing campaign.

Welcome emails are usually automated, and are sent out when new customers or leads subscribe to your mailing list or newsletter. Sending them an inviting email is the first task you have to welcome them to your mailing list. It is an initial exchange which is friendly in nature, reflects your brand identity and personality, and sets the tone for your future email communications. It also encourages and ideally triggers consumer engagement and conversion.

Here are some tips and ideas for getting the welcome email right – you only get one chance, so success the first time matters!

  • Write a warm and welcoming note that is personalised. Reflect your brand identity in each and every email, so that subscribers recognise your messages instantaneously. Thank new members of your list for subscribing, and remember to keep messages conversational yet complying with your brand’s voice.


  • Create a Call to Action that is Clear and Concise. It should be easy to understand and to undertake. Use a standout button in a contrasting colour and encourage readers to take immediate action.


  • Offer a Sweetener. An offer of a welcome gift, discount, or similar promotes goodwill and may entice subscribers to go ahead and complete a purchase.


  • Showcase the Benefits of Being on your Email List. Let your subscribers know why being on your list is good for them – and why they should choose to stay.


  • Use Captivating Images. Showcase your products with beautiful images.


  • Optimise for Mobile. More consumers are using mobile as their primary tool for social media, internet, and email. Offering a mobile friendly version of all your online activities is critically important.


  • Link to Social Media. Social media buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your Blog, and Google+ at the very least are important to fuel consumer engagement with your brand. They also demonstrate your social presence which gives your brand more authenticity.

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