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Simple Ways to Increase Response Rates for Direct Mail Marketing

Far too often, direct mail marketing efforts are for nought – direct mail pieces are simply thrown away by recipients with barely a glance. The key to direct mail marketing success is to ensure your material is perceived by consumers not as “junk” mail, but as being of value to them.

Direct mail is a great way of connecting with consumers in their homes and is anything but obsolete. When direct mail is presented as a captivating postcard, personally addressed letter, or includes a DVD, CD, booklet, or other novelty, consumers will be more inclined to take the time to give it their attention.

Here are some simply ways to make your direct mail marketing efforts stand out and garner better response rates from target consumers:

  • Stand out by Differentiating your Direct Mail – by using a non-standard format, eye catching details like gold seals, and captivating copy.


  • Include a Short, Sharp, and Clear Call to Action – it needs to be simple, easy, and quick to affect. Tell your target prospect exactly what they need to do and how to do it.


  • Provide several response options – via phone call, SMS, website, social media, or email. Even responding via direct mail is a feasible option that should be offered, especially if your target demographic is older or not as likely to have a distinct online presence.


  • Offer a reward for action – like a special gift, discount, freebie, etc.


  • Personalise your mailings – personalise as much as possible, using the prospect’s name. Additionally, design your material for its target audience, based on their demographics.


  • Maintain your brand identity in your direct mailings – and this should complement your branding elsewhere. Branding is how consumers recognise and associate your brand and product or service. Make sure all your mailings have a common element – at the very least in your logo, tagline, slogan, and brand colour scheme. This will go a long way towards piquing the interest of consumers over time.


  • Maintain an up to date mailing list with well chosen targets.


  • Measure return on investment – was the direct mail campaign successful? Did you make any money from your efforts or capture new and valuable leads?

Be patient! It’s important to understand that, on average, it takes between five and ten connections (i.e. mailings) to garner the attention of a prospect. Repetition is crucial and a single mailing will not be enough. Know that direct mail is thriving as a marketing tool when used alongside digital marketing means. Statistically, almost two-thirds of all consumers across all age groups have made a purchase or other transaction on the basis of direct mail – so you should certainly include it in your marketing strategy. (Source:

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