Creating a Great Integrated Marketing Campaign

Modern product and service promotion can be affected via a large array of channels, and as such, marketers are spoiled for choice with options including direct mail, SMS, email marketing, print advertising, and social media marketing.

Smaller companies and single traders often choose to use only a single advertising and marketing medium, yet with digital marketing options, an integrated and multi-faceted campaign is not only easier to operate, but is also much more effective.

Integrated marketing is more interesting than using a single marketing medium and it has a much wider reach and a greater impact on consumers. It will generate more leads and trigger higher response rates. This is because a single medium campaign doesn’t recognise that consumers may not have the time or inclination to take action at first exposure. Stronger messages are delivered using multimedia sources, and these draw attention and create a stronger impression in the consumer psyche.

What Does an Integrated Marketing Campaign Look Like?

An integrated campaign will tie various forms of marketing together into a single cohesive campaign. For example:

  • Invite existing subscribers to sign up via email
  • Send out direct mail marketing material to your existing list
  • Take advantage of pay per click advertising on Google
  • Advertise to social media followers via chosen platforms

A successful integrated marketing campaign will drive a consistent branded message across all high value channels. Basic tips to follow to help build a successful integrated campaign include:

  • Maintain Dynamic Customer Profiles – update old data, create new models, and consolidate all research and analysis of results of prior campaigns
  • Maintain Consistency across all Channels – consistency in branding, in message, and in content tone and quality, yet streamlining each for its targeted channel.
  • Allocate marketing funds wisely – you need to analyse data for results and how target consumers are interacting with your campaign on each channel – fine tune your approach so your spending reflects best results.
  • Focus on metrics with key performance indicators to see how the campaigns are progressing.
  • Use a common collaborative management platform, like ClickSend, to create, integrate, and operate cross-channel campaigns.

The goals of any marketing campaign are simple: generate new leads, qualify these leads, nurture existing leads, branding, direct selling, cross-selling and up-selling to existing customers, and transforming existing customers and consumers into lead generators. With a multi-faceted and integrated approach to marketing, all of these can be achieved.

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