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Tips for Planning a Direct Mail Campaign

For success in a direct mail marketing campaign, it’s recommended to follow proven processes which incorporate your target audience, your business goals, and specific campaign components.

These processes are, in a nutshell:

  1. Identify your campaign goals and objectives, your campaign budget, and your timeline for implementation
  2. Profile your audience
  3. Identify your target customer
  4. Design your campaign – from brainstorming ideas to identification of value proposition
  5. Choose your pitch, create copy, and design the direct mail piece
  6. Launch your campaign – process data, print, mail, track, and follow up

With so much modern focus on digital marketing today, it can be easy to forget or ignore the proven benefits of direct mail marketing practices. Contrary to what many modern business people believe, direct mail is anything but dead!

Whereas digital marketing campaigns can be great for large-scale marketing efforts, direct mail is ideal for handling smaller, single marketing tasks.

How can a direct mail marketing campaign work for you?

  • Up-sell to existing clients and customers via a postcard with an upgrade offer and coupon included
  • Generate new leads – partner with an industry organisation whose clientele represents your target market, then create special offers specific to them
  • Build relationships with existing clients and customers – thank you letters are powerful and when personalised, may be your greatest marketing asset
  • Direct clients and customers to your website for greater reach
  • Provide links to social media for your brand


Tips for Planning a Direct Mail Campaign

  • Ensure your contact list is fresh – names and addresses are accurate and that contacts are correct
  • Personalise messages for greater traction and customer satisfaction
  • Be clear about your offers – make your expectations of consumer action obvious and concise
  • Aim to create a strong impression for a small pool of targeted recipients for greatest impact and results
  • Focus your message on benefits for the recipient – communicate value to the consumer as opposed to product or service features\
  • Include a clear and obvious call to action
  • Include testimonials from other satisfied customers
  • Trial your campaign offer with a sub list and track results
  • Refine your mailing list and update it regularly – verify customer contact details at point of sale
  • Integrate direct mail marketing efforts with digital efforts such as email marketing, SMS marketing, and social media marketing


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