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Creative Marketing Ideas with Direct Mail

Direct mail has a crucial place alongside digital marketing strategies in the modern world. The secret to success in direct mail marketing is to, from the outset, make your material stand out from the ocean of unwanted junk mail that consumers receive. By making your direct marketing mail more appealing to potential customers, it will be more likely to be opened, read, and acted upon to affect the conversion of consumer to paying customer.

So how can you achieve this?

Here are some examples of how innovative marketers have created direct mail that works:

  • Use direct mail postcards. These are fast to produce, cheaper to produce than catalogues, and good at generating a response if done well. You need to grab attention, include sharp and concise copy, and provide a link to your website. Postcards are a great way to promote an event, provide ready-to-use coupons, and deliver a multi-step teaser campaign.
  • Send direct mail in an envelope that includes something “lumpy” – a magnet, mini calendar, playable disc, or something similar. Consumers will be intrigued enough to open the mail and this is a critical first step towards it being read. Follow up with personal, valuable, and relevant content.
  • Include a product sample. This adds value for the customer to receiving the mail. Samples may include items such as fragrance samples, skincare samples, washing detergent samples, and much more.
  • Include something of use, like a small pad of paper or a pen. With your branding on the item, it will likely be kept and used – and your brand will be remembered.
  • Deliver curated content to your target audience. Do this by establishing an emotional connection, taking your recipient on a metaphorical journey, making the content fun, or otherwise providing content they are compelled to read.
  • Something as simple as using a stamp on your envelope can make the difference between mail that appears to be a mass mail out and something personalised to its recipient. Small things like this matter enormously in the bigger picture of getting your direct marketing mail opened.


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