Mobile Shopping: Give Consumers the Experience they Want

Today we will look at a few examples of how retailers have made mobile marketing work for them.

Consumers are almost guaranteed to be attached to their mobile phones, with the vast majority of people using a smartphone on a daily basis for everything from making and receiving calls to SMS, internet browsing, and even shopping online via their smartphone. With so much available anywhere and so conveniently, consumers want their favourite brands and businesses to be mobile optimised and friendly.

Retailers who use mobile effectively alongside good business practices win because they are almost guaranteed to build customer loyalty and satisfaction, as well as attracting and retaining new customers.

Here are just a few examples of international companies who have made mobile marketing work for them to enhance the customer’s shopping experience:


Five Westfield malls in Northern California came together in a mobile marketing campaign which aimed to build the subscriber list for receiving mobile offers, event information, and promotions. Westfield cleverly advertised the campaign throughout their malls with signage, as well as offering a chance to win a spending spree if one opted in. This was exactly what consumers wanted, and within the first week of the campaign, six thousand new opt-ins were generated.


The Kiehl’s skincare company trialled a retail mobile marketing pilot over a six month period. Customers who had opted in via shortcode were sent three mobile offer per month, and these were location based, relating to the customer’s proximity to a Kiehl’s store. After the trial period ended, Kiehl’s found that almost seventy-five percent of those consumers who opted-in had made a purchase as a result of the campaign. The vast majority of survey respondents following the campaign also recalled the brand and recalled receiving the mobile offers.


In another example from the USA, Hyundai in Washington launched a competition using SMS marketing practices. In partnership with a local Seattle football club, fans of the team were offered the opportunity to win a new 2016 Hyundai Sonata car. Fans were required to text HYUNDAI to a shortcode in a campaign that was widely promoted during all home games. Completion of entry to the contest required fans reply with their email address. An SMS then confirmed their entry, which also hyperlinked to the entire Hyundai new car range. Winners of the contest were alerted via email and Hyundai’s marketing database grew exponentially as a result of the campaign.


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